Upgrading to new Dell PowerEdge R730 servers could help make a datacenter more efficient

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwired - August 11, 2016) - Principled Technologies (PT) compared the performance of a Dell PowerEdge R710 server to that of a newer Dell PowerEdge R730 featuring Intel Xeon processors E5-2660 v4. Both solutions ran Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Hyper-V. PT found that the upgraded solution could handle four times the work of the older one. That means potential cooling, power, and physical space savings for businesses. Additionally, if companies already have powerful storage like Dell Storage SC4020, they can put more of that storage performance to use.

To learn more about how the Dell PowerEdge R730 can make a datacenter more efficient, see the full report at facts.pt/nWBvDY-m and the infographic at facts.pt/qekSku-m.

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