Globalstar Supports Communications Needs During Catastrophic Louisiana Flooding

Milpitas, California, UNITED STATES

COVINGTON, La., Aug. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE MKT:GSAT) announced today the deployment of its satellite communications solutions to the Louisiana regions most affected by flooding in conjunction with its partner Disaster Tech Lab, a first responder communications specialist.

Coordinating with local Globalstar team members, Disaster Tech Lab has set up base operations in Prairieville, LA and will deliver much needed communication support to Southeast Louisiana by troubleshooting and fixing network issues as well as providing the use of satellite phones and satellite hot-spot units where traditional forms of communication have failed. Having traveled from all over the world, the team will be monitored via SPOT tracking as they carry out relief efforts.

Disaster Tech Lab is meeting with Incident Commanders and representatives of the affected communities, the Department of Homeland Security, First Responder organizations and Law Enforcement to assess needs for internet access and communication services.

According to Disaster Tech Lab team member Jonathan Creasy, who is carrying out the initial assessment of the area, the devastation is overwhelming, “We have driven through neighborhoods where you can see that water was up to the roof, and we are just on the outskirts. This was a widespread flood and there is a lot of work to be done.”

“With thousands of people in shelters and many more still being rescued, having Globalstar satellite equipment accessible to both emergency personnel and those affected can make a big difference in meeting immediate communication needs,” said Evert Bopp, founder of Disaster Tech Lab. “In addition, SPOT satellite trackers allow us to view the team remotely at any given moment and be reassured they are safe.”

Disaster Tech Lab is actively recruiting local volunteers with IT & satellite communications skills. Interested persons should contact them via their website.

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