SurePeople Launches Next Generation of Talent Management Applications

Integrated Applications to Move the Human Capital Management Industry a Quantum-Leap Forward

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - August 23, 2016) - SurePeople, a global provider of cloud-based talent management software solutions driven by real-time data and people analytics, today announced the launch of its next generation of integrated applications. Now, SurePeople's intelligent platform delivers social collaboration, peer-to-peer coaching and mentoring, content curation from the C-Suite to the front lines, organizational learning programs, and personalized development curricula based on Prism®, SurePeople's proprietary algorithm.

These game-changing solutions drive on-the-job learning, efficiency and employee engagement while creating a collaborative, holistic and human-centered enterprise that empowers people and organizations to achieve their highest level of performance.

In addition, SurePeople's comprehensive suite of applications solve the challenge of today's fragmented human capital management (HCM) marketplace by purposefully unifying a whole host of learning, performance and hiring solutions into one intuitive platform. As a result, an organizations' investment in its people becomes more cost-effective and measurable.

"Recently, I was introduced to SurePeople and in a matter of minutes it was clear to me that this platform is light years ahead of anything I have ever seen," says Dr. Rob Bogosian, the author of 'Breaking Corporate Silence: How High-Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice' and founder of RVB Associates. "SurePeople is not your old boss's performance management software package. It is a 21st century, integrated, easy-to-use, employee-centric platform."

Heavily influenced by research on next generation learning, SurePeople has leap-frogged legacy technology to build a leading-edge and flexible architecture that integrates its "secret sauce" of emotional, relational and team intelligence (ERT-i®) into the learning and performance equation.

According to Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, science journalist and author of The New York Times best seller "Emotional Intelligence," at best, IQ contributes about 20 percent to the factors that determine life success -- leaving 80 percent to other forces: forces grouped as emotional intelligence.

In recent years, many studies and scholarly articles have shown the correlation between emotional intelligence and self-awareness with success, teamwork and effective leadership. However, the emotional intelligence quotient is consistently a missing link in the design and implementation of employee learning and development programs beyond the executive ranks.

SurePeople's Prism® algorithm changes the HCM marketplace by making self-awareness accessible, scalable, and actionable for all employees at organizations of all sizes -- from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

With SurePeople's next generation of integrated applications, individuals have the tools needed to take charge of their careers, and, managers have the insights needed to build teams, optimize their talent mix while providing coaching for their people. The organization also captures real-time data and insights that facilitate smart spending, transparency to build trust, trend data, and focus to ensure that through an aligned and skilled workforce, extraordinary results can be achieved.

This unique alchemy of features and capabilities strengthens company culture and engagement, provides comprehensive people analytics, and bridges talent strategy with learning and performance. In creating a continuous process driven by real-time data, SurePeople emboldens the employee value proposition, and generates a true "return on people."

"SurePeople is committed to its mission of making people sure of themselves and businesses sure of their people," says Niko Drakoulis, CEO of SurePeople. "Our platform is designed to deliver a return on people through a combination of real-time data that creates personalized, assigned, and collaborative learning to yield individual and organizational performance that achieve extraordinary results."

For more information about SurePeople, watch how it works here or visit To request a demo, contact SurePeople at 1-855-755-SURE (7873).


SurePeople is a cloud-based provider of intelligent learning, performance and hiring solutions. Our innovative offering applies qualitative and quantitative data to people development, with a foundation in emotional, relational and team intelligence (ERT-i®). Delivering an engaging experience in one integrated platform that's scalable, measurable and actionable.

Together, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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