Brilliant Solutions Completes the Volunteer State Trifecta

Roswell, Georgia, UNITED STATES

NASHVILLE, Aug. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE—Brilliant Solutions of Nashville, Tennessee continues to live up to expectations in 2016. The organization now boasts three locations throughout the Volunteer state, boosting productivity to new heights. Moving into the fourth quarter, the management staff focuses on crossing state lines.

Brilliant Solutions’ most recent expansion took flight in July as Dana Stewart opened a branch in Knoxville, Tennessee. Dana, a former collegiate athlete and strength training coach, was promoted to Assistant Director in February 2016 for proving to be an asset to both the company and their multi million-dollar clients.

Since the expansion, the Knoxville team has tripled the productivity previously seen in the region.  Projections depict a surge in growth occurring throughout the area as the team is expected to acquire a third client before the end of the year.

“Our clients’ footprint has continued to flourish from middle Tennessee to both the East and the West. We are fortunate enough to have a strong management staff in Nashville who has undoubtedly earned the trust of our clients. When we were presented with the opportunity to help their brands grow in both Memphis and Knoxville, we jumped,” said Kaplan.

Since the expansion to Memphis earlier this year, the organization has grown into several locations throughout the area including Southaven and Bartlett. As the organization thrives in Tennessee, Kaplan and the Brilliant Solutions management staff shift their focus to other states. Though the company remains tight lipped about their future expansion plans, Kaplan says, “We have taken over three of the biggest cities in Tennessee. The time is right to begin Focusing on crossing state lines. We are expected to meet that goal by the end of the year.”

The organization has grown so rapidly, the headquarter office is currently hiring the next generation of leadership at Brilliant Solutions. Requiring little to no marketing experience, Brilliant Solutions provides unparalleled training efforts to individuals with a passion for brand marketing, business management and customer service. For more information about the training and careers offered by Brilliant Solutions, visit


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