PAC Machinery Introduces New, High Production, Clamco 8L Heavy Duty L-bar Sealer and Clamco 8T Industrial Shrink Tunnel

Designed for doors, windows and large panels, the Clamco 8L is an exceptionally large L-bar sealer designed for packaging long, wide products; The Clamco 8T is a large and extremely powerful shrink tunnel designed to work in conjunction with the Clamco 8L or any other industrial scale L-bar sealer

San Rafael, California, UNITED STATES

SAN RAFAEL, CA--(Marketwired - September 07, 2016) - PAC Machinery, a leader in the heat sealing and flexible packaging industry, announced today that it would begin offering the Clamco 8L L-bar Sealer and the Clamco 8T Shrink Tunnel. Clamco, based in Berea Ohio, is a PAC Machinery company.

Clamco 8L Series Heavy Duty L-bar Sealers

The Clamco 8L Series of L-bar sealers are engineered for fast and efficient packaging of very large, flat products. Choose a seal area of 39"x 50", 39"x 64 or 39"x 88" -- each may be used with folded shrink film up to 52" wide. The sealers are ideal for packaging doors, panels, window frames, shutters and countless industrial products. The Clamco 8L Series L-bar Sealers are among the largest industrial L-bar sealers commercially available. The 8L L-bar sealers are available with numerous options including a space-saving inverting head which enables the film to be fed from the back of the sealer instead of the end. Also available is a motorized power assist that quickly and easily draws the film from the film roll holder to the inverted head and a package lift that will assist the operator with heavy or oversized products. Additionally, a motorized conveyor is available which is designed to help feed heavy products through the sealer and into the shrink tunnel. All 8L sealers may be configured with a blower table, which "inflates" the film envelope with a stream of air for easier product insertion. "Every feature and option has been considered to make the process of shrink packaging large products faster and easier", states Mr. James Cundiff, Shrink Products Line Manager at Clamco. "Shrink packaging is an excellent packaging process -- but until now the process was not feasible for larger industrial products. The Clamco 8L and 8T now fill that need", continues Cundiff. The Clamco 8L Series sealers are engineered with a heavy-duty magnetic hold down mechanism that helps ensure consistent seal pressure and a digital tunnel temperature controller for ultra-dependable results. Adding to its ease-of-use, the 8L sealers feature a straight forward user interface and a height adjustment that enables the operator to align the product take away with the tunnel conveyor for smoother product transfer and to eliminate product "shingling".

Clamco 8T Series Industrial Shrink Tunnels

With high performance tunnel blowers and several key improvements over the preceding models, the new Clamco 8T Series Shrink Tunnels make an excellent choice for high production environments; they are engineered to provide many years of dependable service with minimal maintenance. The Clamco 8Tx2 is a double tunnel and the model 8Tx3 is a very large triple tunnel. 8T series shrink tunnels may be configured with a tunnel opening height of 13.5" or 17.5". The 8Tx2 features a shrink tunnel measuring 66" long by 57" wide and delivers 24,000 Watts of power. The mighty Clamco 8Tx3 measures 102" long by 57" wide and delivers an impressive 36,000 Watts of power.

"The Clamco 8L, when used in conjunction with a Clamco 8T series tunnel promotes quicker user set-up, easier product alignment and smoother product transfer by matching the L-bar sealer with the shrink tunnel" notes Mr. James Cundiff. "The result is reduced production time, higher productivity and more consistent results -- particularly with exceptionally large products", adds Cundiff. The Clamco 8L L-bar sealer and 8T shrink tunnels are designed and manufactured in Berea, Ohio USA. Clamco is a member of the PAC Machinery family of companies.

About PAC Machinery

PAC Machinery is a privately held company headquartered in San Rafael, California. The company manufactures equipment and materials that are used in the flexible packaging industry. Products include heat sealing equipment, vacuum sealers, automatic baggers, pre-opened bags on a roll, and shrink packaging systems. The company has had its roots in the packaging industry since the early 1950's, and now designs, manufactures and markets products through its family of companies: Packaging Aids, Vertrod, Clamco, Rollbag Systems, and Converting Technology. PAC Machinery is the exclusive, North American distributor for Audion Elektro bag sealers. Manufacturing facilities are located in San Rafael, CA, Berea, OH, and Menomonee Falls, WI. Contact PAC Machinery at 25 Tiburon Street, San Rafael, CA 94901. Telephone (415) 454-4868. Email

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