Vera Selected by Logica Capital Advisers as 'De Facto' Standard for Data Security

Leading Hedge Fund Chooses Vera for Enhanced Security, Data Control, and Access Management to Secure Content in and Beyond Box With Dynamic Data Protection

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - September 07, 2016) - Vera ( announced today that Logica Capital Advisers, LLC, a privately held hedge fund, has chosen Vera's dynamic data protection platform to secure and centrally manage the firm's critical business information and internal collaboration files within and beyond the Box platform. Established in 2011, the Los Angeles-based firm focuses on managing a U.S. and global equity portfolio using multiple systematic and quantitative models.

Vera's platform, built to secure data as it is shared across any channel, platform or device, addresses the reality of today's borderless enterprise head on. To protect highly sensitive information, Logica uses Vera to increase the security of any file that leaves their network through email, file shares, or even physical USB storage. Vera also ensures that critical business information removed from Box, Logica's cloud-based document management solution, is inaccessible by unwanted viewers, audited at all times and controlled with dynamic data protection. By adding encryption, access control, and unique data loss controls, Vera is helping Logica, and funds of all sizes, comply with the complex regulatory oversight established and put in place by various financial industry regulators.

"Working with confidential data, proprietary financial models, and marketing documents such as investor newsletters, we needed a flexible solution that would allow us to collaborate not only internally, but with clients and prospective clients to ensure that information and communications remain secure, and perhaps more importantly under our control, no matter where it travels," said Lionel Tapiero, Managing Partner and co-founder at Logica Capital Advisers. "Vera and Box is a perfect fit for us, and I would assume others like us, who need to confront today's borderless enterprise and extend file-level security and visibility outside the boundaries of cloud-based systems such as Box."

In today's collaborative economy, it's critical that firms seek assistance and shore up their ability to meet industry security standards. In particular, the SEC is looking for increased investment in data access controls, encryption, data loss prevention, and incident response. Vera's dynamic data protection platform is ideal for businesses who need to more securely collaborate and increase encryption and document classification to protect business critical content through its full life cycle.

"As the SEC's focus on private companies intensifies, we're helping Logica and other financial firms move quickly, make informed decisions, and above all else, protect the confidential and private information of their clients," says Ajay Arora, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Vera. "Logica has built its reputation through recognized leadership and expertise in delivering valuable financial solutions and strategic advice. Our platform's ability to secure and track files, wherever they travel, online or off, is an ideal match for this challenge."

To address modern cybersecurity risks and to help businesses in all industries to improve their data security, increase threat prevention, and insure themselves against data loss, Vera is hosting a new kind of security event, Versus16. Taking place November 17th in San Francisco, Versus will challenge the assumptions and conventional wisdom about security, technology and doing business in the digital age. Visit to register today.

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Vera is a next-generation data security company that enables businesses of all sizes to secure, track, and share any kind of data, no matter where it's stored or how it's shared. With robust policy enforcement, strong encryption, and strict access controls, Vera's Dynamic Data Protection lets employees collaborate freely while ensuring the highest levels of security, visibility, and control. For more information, visit

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Logica Capital Advisers, LLC ("LCA") is a California registered investment adviser founded in 2011 by Wayne Himelsein, Lionel Tapiero, Ivan Sekeres and Patrick Rentz and his team. With over 20 years of investment management experience, Mr. Himelsein, serves as Logica's President and Chief Investment Officer. He aggregated a team that has now been working together for over 10 years, combining specialized expertise in portfolio and risk management, research and trading, quantitative analysis, portfolio design and implementation, strategy due diligence, and fund operations, infrastructure, and compliance.

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