Moji releases brand new emojis in time for NFL football season

Fans can unleash their inner Von Miller through new offerings available today

Binghamton, New York, UNITED STATES

New York, Sept. 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just in time for NFL football’s season opener, emoji industry leader, Moji (AppMoji, Inc.), is releasing a brand new collection of emojis that capture the spirit of Denver Broncos defensive player Von Miller. Fans will be able to choose from dozens of Miller emojis to convey their reactions throughout the game tonight against the Carolina Panthers.

The Von Miller emoji collection is available for purchase within the Moji app. Previously, Moji collaborated with NBA star Stephen Curry to develop a collection of emojis tailor made to represent the player. In both cases, capturing the facial reaction is just the beginning—the emojis place the athlete in a wide range of scenarios with great care taken to express the personality of each player.

“Studies have shown that people want to express themselves more fully using emojis,” said Oliver Camilo, Founder & CEO. “Offering up this amazing new collection of emojis just gives them one more way to do it while having a little fun.”

Earlier this month, Moji’s MojiMaker app rose to the #1 spot on the list of top paid Apple apps. MojiMaker also allows users to customize emojis in their own likeness. Once created, these personalized emojis will sync to their keyboard within the Moji app.

Moji produces more than 20,000 of these icons across its product offerings. Beyond growing its base of celebrity/athlete partnerships, Moji plans to harness the marketing power of emojis by including major brands into peoples’ everyday conversations in a meaningful and relevant way. All AppMoji apps are available in the Apple App Store. Select apps are also available for Android devices. For additional information, please visit


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