HIRO Media Unveils New Programmatic Video Content Marketing Engine

HIRO Is Now Capable of Delivering Branded Video Content Programmatically Across comScore Top 1000 Online Properties

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - September 12, 2016) - HIRO Media, a leading programmatic online video ecosystem, today announced a new Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine that is capable of delivering branded video content at scale to comScore's top 1000 online properties reaching more than 100 million unique viewers. HIRO Media developed its Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine in response to the growing demand for video content marketing solutions, and offers high quality video content, enhanced relevancy and unobtrusive video advertisements at scale.

HIRO's new Programmatic Video Content Marketing solution uses a unique syndication technology and prediction methodology, which can predict supply side inventory quality and demand side needs, as well as which consumers will best match the video content, all through a self-serve platform that gives advertisers complete control over their programmatic video campaigns.

With HIRO's Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine, brands that create video branded content and digital publishers that become detachable publishers may use HIRO's Syndication capabilities for extracting relevant branded content pieces and exposing it to the right audiences while also using the most efficient delivery methods. This capability validates HIRO's platform as the best Off-YouTube distribution channel for any video content, guaranteeing great viewability and other mission critical KPIs.

"HIRO seeks to greatly simplify the challenges prevalent in video content marketing. Our Programmatic Video Content Marketing engine is empowering all constituents with powerful data, reach and automation to help inform intelligent, creative and cross-platform campaigns that meaningfully elevates video content marketing results. We see a shift in the online video marketplace and we believe this new distribution model will benefit brands and content owners to find the audiences they seek in the best economic terms," said Ariel Napchi, CEO and Founder, HIRO Media.

About HIRO Media

HIRO Media is a unique technology that uses its proprietary syndication technology to improve the performance of all of its ecosystem partners - advertisers, publishers, and content owners. With an online-video advertising reach of more than 100 million unique viewers and 2.5 billion ad-views globally, HIRO Media is one of the leading online video ecosystems in the marketplace. For more information, please visit www.hiro-media.com.

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