The Gershon Group Celebrates 60 Years of Iconic Design in South Florida

The Gershon Group has participated in defining South Florida Style

Aventura, Florida, UNITED STATES

MIAMI, Sept. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Gershon Group, Inc., one of South Florida's most respected interior design firms, today announced its 60th year in business.

In a market where transience is accepted as the norm, The Gershon Group has established a bedrock reputation for quality, elegance, and customer service longevity.

Corporate clients have included the Cricket Club, Emerald Hills Country Club, Fisher Island, Portofino Tower, Eden Roc Hotel, Lexi Development, Essex House in New York and The Dunes Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to name a few. But Gershon established an initial reputation in South Florida for the quality professional attention to residential customer projects such as Ocean One, where the Gershon reputation for service quickly spread throughout the project. Jorge Lamadrid, who was the project manager at Ocean One and continues to be a devoted customer of the Gershon Group, says, “The Gershon Group was hired by a majority of the homeowners at Ocean One to provide custom, high-end interior design for 47 residences.”

With kudos like that, you might expect the Gershons to take some time-out to celebrate more than half a century of success.  Legendary founder Ted Gershon says, "We have too much fun serving our extremely loyal clientele. We get incredible satisfaction when our clients live in the home of their dreams or work in an environment that helps make them successful."

Day-to-day operations are now managed by Gershon’s two children—interior designers Rory and Scott—who literally grew up in the business and are as committed as Gershon to the reputation of the Gershon Group.

The siblings are both seasoned designers with more than 30 years experience working on highly visible projects in Miami and around the world.   Carrying on their parents’ commitment to creating exciting, enduring work, respecting the client’s aesthetics and budget and operating under a scrupulous set of ethics, Rory and Scott have positioned The Gershon Group to continue to excel in today's competitive and highly design-aware climate. 

The Gershon Group opened its first office in New York City in 1956. It was there that Ted Gershon and a single designer—his wife, Bernice—developed a philosophy that has become the cornerstone of the firm, what Gershon calls the 4 E's: Honesty, Loyalty, Creativity and Delivery.  “Not an ‘E’ in there,” Gershon says, “but those four qualities of character and service…well, they’re our mission statement."

By 1972, Ted and Bernice had two teenage children and a reputation that stretched as far south as Miami. Rory and Scott were already learning the business and had knowledge of every aspect of the industry. Their New York business was flourishing but Gershon wanted a different life for his kids and he had a sense the growth opportunity of the future was in South Florida.

Lamadrid adds, “Scott is now the go-to interior designer for all my interior design projects. He has proven his success in multiple high-rise condominium projects and luxury homes where his accomplishment continues to be overwhelming. People who have worked with Scott and the Gershon Group continue to work with them to create luxury lifestyles and unique interiors.”

The Gershon Group is committed to traditional service yet at the same time accommodates modern design ideals, thus the creation of Scott Gershon’s “Spiritual Designing" approach, which incorporates astrology, numerology, and other alternative disciplines. “That's a growth area for us, and it’s evidence of a younger, progressive vision contributing to the solid foundation of the family boutique interior design firm The Gershon Group continues to be,” says Gershon.

“Remember,” Gershon concludes, “It’s the Four E's!" But perhaps it should be five…so as to include “Family.”

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The Gershon Group, Inc., a South Florida design firm comprised of a family of luxury interior designers, has specialized in commercial and residential design for the past 60 years. Ted and Bernice Gershon built a stellar reputation for designing some of New York City’s most well-known commercial and residential projects. Relocating the business to the “growth market” of South Florida in 1972, they raised their two children, Scott and Rory, to become two of Miami’s top designers.  Scott and Rory work hand-in-hand with one of South Florida’s most notable real estate developers, Andi Greenwald, to design homes, renovate historical properties, and build and design some of South Florida’s most well-appointed residences.  Due to our valued client’s discretion, we show our work by appointment only.  For more information, visit or call 305-931-7381.



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