UPDATE: MintShow Debuts New App at TechCrunch Disrupt With New Twist on Social Media, Using Gamification to Motivate Members

New Online Community Lets Users Share Moments IN Time to Achieve, Encourage, and Celebrate Personal Accomplishments

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2016) - At TechCrunch Disrupt being held here this week, You Are a CEO, Inc., will be introducing the MintShow app and online community in Startup Alley. MintShow offers a new approach to social networking by using gamification and habit design to encourage MintShow community members to share positive, inspirational moments. MintShow also promises to provide a unique opportunity for brands to reach target consumers by areas of interest and accomplishment.

Unlike other social media networks that use comments, shares, and likes, MintShow celebrates Moments IN Time (MINTs) using High Fives, CompliMints, and ReMints that allow members to share their everyday accomplishments and noteworthy moments to encourage others while encouraging themselves. Just as people eat mints to refresh themselves, every post in MintShow tends to be refreshing, insightful, and motivating. MintShow posts are organized to motivate, inspire, or educate, and provides a means to aggregate positive thought-provoking content from all over the world into inspirational Showrooms for all to enjoy.

MintShow also has added a new feature to the social media space called the Showtag, which allows anyone to send content to a specific Showroom from any device. Showrooms cover a wide range of topics such as health and fitness, nutrition, parenting, travel, inspiration, nature, entrepreneurship, and much more. The beta version of the MintShow mobile app is now available for iOS and Android.

"The social networking market is worth $11 billion dollars and the self-improvement market is worth almost $10 billion; until now, no one has found a way to bring the two together," said Michael E. Parker, founder of You Are a CEO. "With MintShow, we have created an environment where members share positive moments in time to help them focus on personal achievement and inspiration, without the negatives such as offensive posts or cyberbullying. This is a unique blend of social networking, self-improvement, and gamification, and beta users have already shown us that they love the concept."

Parker sees a number of commercial possibilities for MintShow. Custom advertising can be offered in the context of improved health, wealth, career, and relationship. Advertisers also can create their own showrooms to highlight products and services. Eventually, MintShow also will have a shopping option where users can click to purchase.

The concept behind MintShow is based on behavioral science. Research shows that as we experience positive emotions such as joy, love, gratitude, and contentment, our brain chemistry changes and we tend to become more engaged. Peer validation and support nurtures those positive emotions which, in turn, makes us more creative, motivated, energetic, and productive. Unlike other social media outlets that strive to keep users entertained, MintShow uses the power of gamification coupled with habit design to enhance the lives of members by providing an environment of habitual positivity and uplift that translates into a more enriching and fulfilling way of life.

"We are teaching people a very important skill; how to spin the everyday occurrences in life towards something positive and inspirational," Parker added. "We can't change everything that happens in life, but we can control how it impacts us. If we change our perspective, we will change what we see and if we change what we see, it will change what we do and where we are headed. We call them Mints, but it's so much more. Finally, we can apply the addictive nature of social media with purpose, and with a dedicated intent to help people live a more fulfilling, uplifted life. We are delighted to be able to debut MintShow at TechCrunch."

Beta users can sign up by downloading the MintShow app from the iTunes Store or Google Play. MintShow is also available on the web at http://mintshowapp.com.

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