Relaymed wins Client Impact award at Allscripts Developer Summit

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Relaymed received the client impact award at the Allscripts Developer Summit, for its traction among Allscripts ambulatory clients.

Every year clinicians manually enter billions of point-of-care test results from paper printouts into the EHR. This is a time-consuming process, as a single test result can contain a dozen different numerical values and units. Each data point is an opportunity for error.

Relaymed is a subscription-based software service that automatically sends test results direct from point-of-care devices into the EHR, instantly and securely. Relaymed completely eliminates the paper printouts, laborious typing and transcription errors so clinicians are more efficient and can provide better medicine.

“Allscripts believes healthcare IT should be a team sport, and we couldn’t agree more. This award is the result of the close collaboration between Relaymed and Allscripts, to optimize performance with a seamless integration and solve a real problem. The resulting workflows ensure a simple, hassle free experience, which our clients love,” said Neil Farish, CEO at Relaymed.   

“Relaymed has been one of the most cost effective and easy implementations that we have made. The application has vastly improved our clinic workflow…decreasing user-generated errors and enabling our clinic staff to focus on patient care,” said Apryl Davenport at Covenant Medical Group.

"Relaymed’s innovative application has already helped Allscripts ambulatory clients save more than 200,000 test results instantly into the EHR. This real-time integration is giving the ordering provider the right information, in the right place, at the right time,” said Erik Kins, VP Innovation at Allscripts.

Ready to learn more about Relaymed? Visit or email To hear more, watch videos on our YouTube channel. Allscripts users can visit the Allscripts Application Store to receive additional details on the Relaymed integration to Allscripts using Allscripts Open API.

About Relaymed

We’re the innovative company behind the world’s first SaaS point-of-care connectivity platform. Relaymed is a dynamic digital healthcare company launched from parent company Goodmark Medical (Orlando, FL). Relaymed builds on the extensive experience and heritage of Goodmark Medical, empowering healthcare consumers and improving outcomes. We are passionate about innovative connectivity solutions and always creating the best possible user-friendly experience for physicians and staff.

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