Teradici Launches Cloud Access Software and Platform to Enable Enterprises and Solution Providers to Migrate Desktops, Workstations, Applications, and Workflows Seamlessly to Any Cloud

New Software Supports Graphics-Intensive and Mainstream Desktop Applications for Both Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA

BURNABY, BC--(Marketwired - September 19, 2016) - Teradici, creator of industry-leading PCoIP® technology for secure virtual workspaces, today announced its new Cloud Access Software and Cloud Access Platform to enable enterprises and solution providers to migrate desktops, workstations, workloads, workflows, and graphics-intensive applications to any cloud, public or private -- including, for the first time, Linux instances.

Built on Teradici's PCoIP® technology, Cloud Access Software enables customers to securely deliver rich user experiences across all network conditions on a variety of desktop and mobile end-point devices, including ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients. The Cloud Access Platform, an extension of Cloud Access Software, further empowers enterprises and ISVs with the flexibility to build customized cloud solutions. The platform includes APIs and SDKs for customized workflows, endpoint interfaces and client-host interactions, specialized device and peripheral support, and integration with management infrastructure.

"This is a tremendously exciting time for Teradici and our customers, as we make it even easier for companies to experience all of the benefits of cloud computing," said Dan Cordingley, CEO of Teradici. "Our Cloud Access Software makes it possible for enterprises to migrate or 'lift and shift' applications and workloads to the cloud without re-engineering, thanks to our proven PCoIP Technology. And Cloud Access Platform changes the game for enterprise customers and solution providers that need access to building blocks, APIs and SDKs so that they can develop the customized solutions required by businesses today."

With these new offerings, Teradici makes it simple for organizations to capitalize on cloud computing's ability to scale resources and leverage global talent pools as needed for varying project requirements. Cloud Access Software makes it possible to move even the most graphics-intensive workloads to the cloud without compromising security, while also eliminating the need to transfer large datasets up and down. It's never been easier to deploy cloud workspaces.

"This is a great release for Teradici -- one that will benefit Microsoft Azure customers who demand the delivery of rich, graphics intensive applications that are possible with PCoIP technology," said Corey Sanders, partner director of Azure Compute, Microsoft Corp. "Through our ongoing relationship, Microsoft and Teradici are assuring that our customers stay at the cutting edge of performance for graphics accelerated applications in the cloud."

Cloud Access Software also brings Teradici's industry-leading PCoIP technology and PCoIP Zero Clients to Linux instances for the first time, enabling IT admins to deploy virtualized workspaces for developers, engineers, researchers and designers on their choice of CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or Ubuntu.

"Ubuntu is the most popular OS for Linux developers. Teradici's addition of Ubuntu support to their Cloud Access Software means millions of developers can now run their Ubuntu desktop in the cloud, where they can enjoy the performance of a virtual desktop running in server class hardware, as well as high speed and low latency access to back end services," said Jon Melamut, VP of Commercial Devices Operations at Canonical. "Enterprises can now recognize the security and OPEX benefits of virtual desktops while securely delivering a rich user experience to Ubuntu developers on a variety of end-point devices including PCoIP Zero Clients."

Teradici Cloud Access Software and Cloud Access Platform features:

  • Secure, High-performance PCoIP Technology: Build virtual workspaces based on industry-leading Teradici PCoIP® Technology. PCoIP is a proven technology used by Amazon Web Services, VMware, workstation power users, and leading solution providers to deliver secure, high-performance virtual workspaces. Corporate data and IP remains secure because the PCoIP protocol only transfers encrypted pixels, so no data ever leaves the cloud. Seamless interactivity, high frame rates, color accuracy and lossless image compression mean the quality of the end user experience is never compromised, even in graphics-intensive computing environments.
  • PCoIP Zero Client Support: Teradici Cloud Access products support PCoIP Zero Clients, the high performance, easy-to-manage clients that offer a seamless user experience while ensuring the ultimate in endpoint security.
  • Flexibility to Customize: Teradici Cloud Access Platform provides the flexibility to build customized cloud solutions. The Platform building blocks and standard APIs and SDKs enable customized workflows, endpoint interfaces and client-host interactions, specialized peripheral support, and integration with management infrastructure. With easy-to-integrate components, Enterprises and Solution Providers can create solutions with maximum flexibility in terms of cloud platforms, brokers, hypervisors, and management tools.
  • Multi-OS and Multi-Cloud Support: Teradici Cloud Access Products supports Linux and Windows operating systems in multi-cloud environments -- including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and private clouds.

"As a media and entertainment technology company, we're impressed with how seamlessly Teradici Cloud Access Software makes it possible to transition applications and workloads to the cloud," said Jeremy Smith, CTO of Jellyfish Pictures. "When re-engineering your applications is not an option, Teradici opens the door to the cloud era in ways that no other vendor makes possible."

Teradici's Cloud Access Software's will be made available on September 26th and will be initially offered as an annual subscription.

"Teradici's Cloud Access Software is well positioned to address a sizable amount of the cloud deployment opportunity," says William Fellows, co-founder and research vice president at 451 Research. "More organizations are looking to deliver line of business applications and services to their customers and this will enable them to do just that."

For more information, please visit www.teradici.com and www.teradici.com/cloudaccess

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