FinalCode 5.11 Advances Usability and Interoperability Features for Enterprise File Collaboration Security

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FinalCode, Inc., the innovator in persistent file security, today extended usability and interoperability features with the release of FinalCode v5.11. FinalCode’s file-centric digital rights management (DRM) platform enables businesses to secure access to and usage of sensitive data in files to be shared within and outside an organization. 

“Headlines have been fraught with incidents of file leakage due to a mix of espionage, hacker activity, user negligence and human error. In addition, compliance regulations with regards to personally identifiable information (PII), financial data and export-controls continue to expand data protection obligations and liabilities. The culmination of these trends brings an increasing need and demand for enterprise digital rights management (DRM) solutions,” said Andrew Kellett, principal analyst, IT security at Ovum research. “Older, less agile file security solutions, geared primarily for internal use, are being phased out. Next-generation approaches, which are less cumbersome for IT and recipients and offer greater interoperability, such as FinalCode, are dealing with the need for fluid collaboration while addressing sensitive file exposure, intellectual property (IP) protection, and compliance issues.” 

FinalCode’s persistent file security platform provides strong encryption, granular entitlement and traceability controls with the ability to remotely delete files even after they have been shared. Users simply define file permission settings and respective recipients, or have such controls applied automatically through corporate templates. Once protected, these files can be securely stored and shared, as they can only be accessed with the FinalCode Client. Authenticated recipients can open and fully use the secured file in the native application, according to the security policy. File owners and administrators can change policy dynamically, as well as view file activity and remotely delete the file. The platform is agnostic to an organization’s existing file storage, transport and collaboration infrastructure and enforces file security for external users at no additional cost— allowing for rapid deployment and cost-effective use. 

“Like others in the mortgage brokerage industry, we collaborate with a diverse group of agents, partners and customers outside our company. As such, we employ different safeguards to protect our business data. One area that we wanted to enhance was file data protection for items like loan applications, approvals, disclosures and statements,” said Ted Babbes, chief executive officer at Golden Pacific Home Loans. “Beyond security, our primary concern was ensuring that our staff and external users would not find this file protection intrusive. We have found FinalCode to be easy to deploy, highly manageable and convenient for our team and customers to protect sensitive files. Not only have we reduced business risk, but it has provided that much more confidence for our customers to do business with us.” 

FinalCode 5.11
New FinalCode 5.11 extends enterprise-grade file sharing security usability, interoperability and management capabilities, with features including:

  • Advanced security templates that enable users to quickly add recipients to pre-defined corporate file security policy sets and streamline global template management
  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication through Windows Active Directory or multi-factor authentication via SAML 2.0 protocol
  • Dynamic provisioning using Windows Active Directory or SAML 2.0 that automatically syncs FinalCode organizational roles, functions and template controls with directory service users and organizational units
  • Integrated Amazon Web Services (AWS) Key Management Service (KMS) support to allow FinalCode SaaS and virtual appliance customers to own and manage master keys through AWS
  • Virtual appliance deployment that now supports Microsoft Hyper-V in addition to VMware ESX
  • Database support for Microsoft SQL and Oracle DB

And more. 

Federal, state and local agencies, as well as many commercial institutions in the financial services, manufacturing and healthcare industries, require security products that employ encryption technology to be certified under Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). Also announced today, FinalCode now utilizes FinalCode’s FIPS cryptographic module, which has been certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification by NIST and supports Suite-B algorithms. See “FinalCode Achieves FIPS Certification.” 

“File collaboration is a business operating norm, but the diversity and ease of file sharing due to advancements in enterprise, cloud and mobile content management yields added risks. Recent global headlines, such as the exposure of thousands of Microsoft and Adobe files from an Ohio healthcare provider and a major French defense contractor having its submarine technical documents exfiltrated, illustrate the need for layered defenses,” said Scott Gordon, chief operating officer at FinalCode. “What’s compelling about FinalCode is that we’ve made file-centric digital rights management so easy and cost-effective to use, deploy and scale - offering persistent control in a way that preserves collaboration workflow and infrastructure for both internal and external users. With FinalCode 5.11, the company is well positioned to help organizations mitigate global file data leakage risks.” 

FinalCode can be implemented as a SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance with packages designed to accommodate small businesses, government agencies and large global enterprises. The FinalCode file security platform is generally available with annual subscription pricing starting at $20 USD per month. The FinalCode client, used by external file recipients, is available at no charge and supports Windows, Apple and Android devices. Prospective customers and channel partners are invited to take FinalCode for a test drive by registering at 

About FinalCode, Inc.
FinalCode delivers a file security platform that allows any business to persistently protect sensitive files wherever they go inside and outside of the organization. Available as a SaaS or virtual appliance, FinalCode makes securing file collaboration easy and cost-effective and in a way that works with popular applications, platforms and devices while preserving user experience and workflow. The solution applies strong encryption and granular usage control on demand or by corporate policy with the ability to remotely delete files. The company’s patented CryptoEase™ technology streamlines on boarding, encryption and administration, making deployment rapid and scalable. Headquartered in San Jose, California, FinalCode offers its solutions through its global network of authorized partners. Learn more at

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