DashBid Launches Multi-platform 360-Degree Video Ad Unit

Provides publishers new revenue opportunity with immersive, engaging ads

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DashBid today announces DashBid360, the first 360-degree video ad unit that runs on almost all platforms and screens.

DashBid360 ads provide immersive, interactive video experiences. Users simply move their mobile device or mouse to view the advertising from every angle.

Sales of virtual reality equipment are forecasted to top $1 billion this year and reach $21 billion by 2020. Studies show deep user engagement in virtual reality environments1, and 360-degree video ads are growing in popularity with major brands and publishers2.

“This groundbreaking product gives publishers the tools they need to drive revenue as 360-degree media catches on,” said Victor Ortiz, VP of Product for DashBid. “DashBid is always looking to give publishers new ways to break through the noise.”

With DashBid360, publishers can now offer advertisers a way to give users a high-quality, high-impact 360-degree video experience. The unit’s streamlined, flexible and lightweight technology:

  • Keeps the user on the page;
  • Is compatible with all existing ad units on desktop and mobile;
  • Works without requiring any virtual reality equipment or platform;
  • Works in-app and on web pages, both in-stream and out-stream;
  • Is HTML5-compatible;
  • Reduces bandwidth and battery consumption via adaptive streaming technology;
  • Supports iOS 8, 9 and 10, Android, and Windows Mobile.

To help make 360-degree video advertising an even more seamless process for publishers and their clients, DashBid’s managed services provide 360-degree content production and training for publishers and agencies who want to produce their own 360 ad creatives.

“Virtual reality will continue to gain steam over the coming year as publishers increase their focus on higher-quality content and deeper engagement,” said Tom Herman, CEO of DashBid. “There is nothing more engaging today than virtual reality. With DashBid360, we are helping publishers unlock its true potential.”

DashBid continually offers publishers new tools and products that improve monetization, performance, data and user experience. DashBid this year announced PubTools, with which publishers can identify and remove unwanted advertising scripts from their pages. DashBid also offers publishers a variety of out-stream ad units, including in-text expandable, video slider and vertical video.

We are pleased to announce that DashBid360 is currently available in beta release for select publishers and advertisers.

About DashBid

DashBid is a video supply side platform (SSP) designed and built specifically for video advertising. DashBid’s proprietary algorithms enable publishers to maximize revenue and optimize yield while providing advertisers with access to transparent and viewable inventory with detailed data to improve campaign performance. DashBid works with dozens of programmatic sales channels across desktop and mobile, serving nearly one billion video impressions each month. DashBid is headquartered in New York and operates globally. For more information, please visit: www.dashbid.com.


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