R. Rex Parris: SoCal Gas -- Trust us, there was only one bad storage well at Aliso Canyon

Lancaster, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Attorney R. Rex Parris made the following remarks: “In a move that even the word “chutzpah” doesn't adequately describe, SoCal Gas has stridently objected to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) considering numerous public comments made regarding its operations at the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage facility.  Why?  Well, according to SoCal Gas, the only complaints about one well (SS25) should be considered, as in view of SoCal Gas the AQMD abatement orders only concerned that one well and that is all that should be discussed.  Never mind that AQMD discovered leaks in 15 other wells, or required daily reports on all 115 gas storage wells on the site.”

Parris, whose law firm represents thousands of residents sickened and injured by Southern California Gas Company’s massive natural gas failure in Aliso Canyon sent a letter to (“AQMD”). In the letter, Parris writes, “The South Coast Air Quality Management District (“AQMD”) discovered leaks in approximately 15 other gas storage wells operated by SoCalGas after the AQMD issued its notice to “stop the release of natural gas” from Well SS-25.  In other words, the nuisance at issue never related to just one well.” 

In the letter, Parris adds, “The residents of Porter Ranch agree with one clarification requested by SoCalGas – we should have included four introductory words (“The District alleges that”) in our prior letter with the following quote: “SoCalGas is unable to conduct operations at the facility without being in violation of H&S Code § 41700 and District Rule 402.  SoCalGas has been unable to stop discharging air pollutants impacting nearby communities. . .”  The residents of Porter Ranch still believe the District’s allegation is correct.  

For a copy of the letter sent to the AQMD, click here

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