Mission of Hope Haiti Prepared to Offer Disaster Relief to Haiti

Food, Water, and Provisions Ready for Distribution

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 3, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As Hurricane Matthew bears down on Haiti, Mission of Hope, Haiti (MOH) is leading a disaster relief initiative in coordination with over 500 indigenous partner organizations across Haiti through its HaitiOne network.

Forecasters predict 2.5 million people in Haiti could be significantly impacted by the hurricane. In an effort to meet the projected need, MOH is currently working to procure 350 million units of water, 35 million meals, and 750,000 temporary shelters with the help of partners and donations. Preparations are also being made to treat around 280,000 patients if needed.

Over the weekend, MOH utilized its HaitiOne network to preemptively move over 200,000 meals to strategic areas throughout Haiti so they are ready for distribution. After the first 14 days of relief efforts, MOH will transition into a 45-day recovery plan and then into a sustainability plan.

"Our goal is not only to provide relief, but long-term recovery and sustainability for the country," says Mission of Hope President Brad Johnson.

MOH has served in Haiti since 1998.  After the 2010 earthquake that took over 200,000 lives, Mission of Hope offered significant disaster relief, becoming one of the largest distribution centers of food, providing medical care to thousands, and building over 800 block homes for displaced families.  

Donations to Mission of Hope's disaster relief efforts can be made at www.mohhaiti.org/relief or by texting "@mohhaiti" to 52014.  All donations will be put toward relief, recovery, and sustainability from the hurricane.

For media inquiries, contact Bridget Henderson at bridget@mohhaiti.org or 512-963-2733.



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