National Small Business Invests in Technology to Support Unique Concierge Business Model

CINCINNATI, Oct. 4, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagine never having to pick up your dry cleaning, go to the post office or take your car in for an oil change again. That's the reality for employees across the country who enjoy the employer-paid benefit of concierge services.

Best Upon Request (BEST), a national on-site concierge service company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides this innovative benefit to their customers with state-of-the-art technology.

In February, BEST made a strategic investment to build the newest version of its proprietary service management platform using Salesforce and a number of Salesforce apps. Called CyberButler® 3.0, the company hired a Cincinnati-based technology solutions company to develop the customization needed for BEST's unique processes and service delivery.

"This is a major investment for our business as we position our company for sustainable growth," said Bill Mills, BEST's chief operating officer. "Meeting one of our strategic goals of being high touch and high tech, the proprietary and highly customized CyberButler® 3.0 is a huge differentiator for BEST compared to any other national competitor."

BEST's concierges are equipped with corporate credit cards to run errands for their customers. This responsibility, along with payment option flexibility, drives the complexity needed for controls. With CyberButler® 3.0, those controls and efficiencies are taken to the next level with its scheduling and point-of-sale systems, inventory management, automated reporting, electronic enrollment and signature and the ability to sync with other software.

"As a member of Best Upon Request's Board of Advisors for the past four years, I've witnessed a quantum leap in their technology capabilities," said David Kiihnl, owner and president of David Kiihnl & Associates. "One of their most significant decisions was identifying a new, robust platform for their future, then having the courage to invest in developing and implementing CyberButler® 3.0. This new software clearly provides efficient, accurate service delivery information in addition to flexible reporting capabilities for both the customer and Best Upon Request. The executive team at BEST clearly recognizes the importance of leveraging technology in achieving high levels of client satisfaction and market leadership."

BEST had already been using Salesforce as its CRM by its sales and marketing teams, as well as account management. With the addition of its service delivery platform, Salesforce is now a critical enterprise-wide tool.

"Our purpose is to create life-enriching experiences for our customers and improve the culture of our client organizations," said Tillie Hidalgo Lima, BEST's president/CEO. "This investment allows us to scale and continue providing strategic partnerships by anticipating our clients' needs. It is a joy to delight and wow our customers, clients and concierges."

About BEST:

In business since 1989, Best Upon Request is a certified Minority and Women Business Enterprise, and Corporate Plus® Member of the NMSDC, providing on-site concierge services to organizations nationwide. BEST helps employees save time and decrease stress, resulting in increased engagement and commitment to their employer. For healthcare clients, BEST also takes care of patients' non-medical needs to improve the patient experience. With on-site offices in 10 states, BEST serves customers in 20 states and Puerto Rico.


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