Abilene Independent School District Finds Million-Dollar Savings in Forward Energy Market with QuotEnergy Advisors

Energy-Procurement Leader Brings Out Best in Competitive Market to Help School District Reduce Cost, Gain Budget Certainty through 2024

ABILENE, Texas, Oct. 04, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuotEnergy Advisors, a leading energy procurement firm and approved provider in the TIPS/TAPS purchasing program, today announced it has helped Abilene Independent School District (ISD), a public school district serving over 17,000 students across 26 schools, successfully purchase more than 95 million kWh of electricity for its facilities. The new 5-year energy contract will begin in 2019, yielding more than $1,000,000 in savings for the district over its current rate, while providing welcome budget certainty into 2024.

Against the backdrop of budgetary pressures facing all Texas public schools and historic low natural gas prices, QuotEnergy worked closely with Abilene ISD to evaluate the forward energy market and attract quality suppliers, wholesalers and buying groups into a highly competitive process. Once the process began, QuotEnergy managed the competitive dynamic to drive down prices while capitalizing on relationships with senior decision makers among the bidders to access even lower rates. In parallel, the firm helped Abilene ISD assess non-pricing parameters among the contenders to help determine which providers would best service the school district’s needs. The process ultimately resulted in the selection of MP2 Energy and the new cost-saving contract.

“QuotEnergy provided proactive market intelligence and a robust and transparent competitive process to help the district lock in over a million dollars in savings,” said Scott McLean, Associate Superintendent of Operations, Abilene Independent School District. “This new energy contract is an important win that will benefit students across our district. QuotEnergy focused 100% on the needs of Abilene ISD and delivered a great result.”

Added Glencora Ore, QuotEnergy Advisors, “Finding savings in the energy market is of critical importance to ISDs and other government entities who are under constant budgetary pressures. We have a lot of experience helping these clients leverage their strengths and identify savings opportunities regardless of how long they have remaining in their current contracts. We commend Abilene ISD for having the vision to look to the future to capitalize on a significant long-term savings opportunity.”

About QuotEnergy Advisors
QuotEnergy Advisors is an energy-advisory firm with a focus on energy procurement, demand reduction and renewables. With roots in Texas and a footprint transacting in every deregulated market, the company’s success rests in its singular focus on doing what is right for its customers. The company is built on a foundation of integrity, customer service, extensive supplier relationships, a sophisticated understanding of the market and people, and a transactional savvy that comes from years of successful procurements. QuotEnergy is an approved provider in the TIPS/TAPS purchasing program (www.tips-usa.com). For more information about QuotEnergy Advisors, see www.QuotEnergy.com.


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