Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic Showcases Amanda Bright as Semifinalist for Certified Vet Technician of the Year

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amanda Bright, CVT, has been nominated veterinary technician of the year at the Pet Plan 2017 Vet Awards. She currently holds a spot as one of six semifinalists listed, and welcomes votes from pet owners and residents familiar with her high-quality of care and compassionate service, reports Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic. Voting continues throughout October. Votes for Amanda Bright can be cast by going to Look for the first option under “Vet Tech of the Year.” Show Amanda the difference she makes to the lives of Portland area pets and their owners.

Although voting continues throughout October, semifinalists are shortlisted by October 10th, when three semifinalists will remain. After that event occurs, the Vet Awards Judging Panel then selects the winning vet technician of the year.

Learn more about Amanda Bright, CVT, at Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic. Amanda joined the award-winning veterinary clinic, currently one of the top 20 veterinarian clinics in Portland, in 2009 after her internship with the clinic. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA from a veterinary assisting program. Through hard work and dedication to her craft and the animals and owners she serves, Amanda became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2012. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys gardening and being outdoors. When she gets home, her cat, Reggie; boxer, Marley; and Chihuahua, Bella, call the shots. The community is invited to help Amanda get the recognition she deserves by voting early this month to ensure her spot as a top three semifinalist.

“Staff and pet owners at Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic are eager for Amanda to receive this well-deserved recognition as she is passionate about delivering the best care possible to Portland pets and owners,” said Dr. Kenneth DeRemer. “This award will help Amanda as she continues to develop her expertise and demonstrate how important her work is to those she serves in Portland. We hope area pet owners and residents can get out the vote and make a difference for Amanda Bright, our hard-working CVT.”

Dr. Kenneth DeRemer, veterinarian at award-winning Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic, serves residents of North Portland and the surrounding neighborhoods and communities. The team is focused on meeting the needs of Portland pet owners and offering a comfortable and well-rounded experience for all pets. Services include pet vaccinations, dental care, cat or dog surgery, emergency care, spay and neuter services, and check-ups as part of wellness programs for pets.

Call (503) 419-4230 to learn about Amanda Bright, CVT, or to schedule an appointment. Visit for more details on the clinic and their staff.


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