Robbinsville Group Opposes Long-term Tax Hike Referendum

Sees “No” as smart vote on upcoming election ballot

ROBBINSVILLE, N.J., Oct. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Robbinsville residents are urged to vote “NO” on November 8 to the question of a long-term property tax hike. The group called “'Committee for Common Sense Open Space” launched a “Grow Green, Grow Smart” campaign opposing an annual $360,000 tax increase to force the acquisition of 220 acres by taking the property from a landowner through condemnation proceedings even though the landowner has offered to freely give the Township 165 acres for use as open space.

According to the group, a “NO” vote against the Eminent Domain Tax Hike would enable the donation of 165 acres of open space to the Robbinsville community by the landowner. It would also result in the construction of 50 new high value homes paying sufficient property taxes to entirely offset the cost of services for these incoming families.

On the other hand, if voters approve the Eminent Domain tax hike, residents would shoulder an additional $360,000 per year to buy 220 acres of open space, most of which the landowner has already agreed to give to the Township for free. In addition, when the governing officials condemn the property,  taxpayers will be forced to spend millions of dollars for the 220 acres as part of the condemnation process. This process would end years of environmentally-conscious, smart development and cooperation between the landowner and Township officials.

The group plans an educational outreach to residents over the next few weeks through “Robbinsville: Grow Green. Grow Smart” on Facebook and



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