Holiday Eating Habits Benefit From Phase 2 Carb Controller Supplements

KEARNY, NJ--(Marketwired - Oct 11, 2016) - Festivities flood fall calendars with holiday eating habits that can result in unwanted weight gain by the new year, but breaking the carbohydrate consumption cycle can be especially daunting this time of year. However, consuming a specific white kidney bean extract called Phase 2 before meals has been shown to block 65 percent or more of unwanted carbohydrate absorption if taken before a carb-rich meal according to a study published in Nutrition Business Journal.

"Focusing on a few healthy holiday eating habits can make a significant impact during the last three months of the year," said registered dietician nutritionist and exercise physiologist, Felicia Stoler, author of "Living Skinny in Fat Genes" and former host of TLC's series, "Honey, We're Killing the Kids!" "I like using tools like supplements that contain the scientifically studied Phase 2 carb controller ingredient because it really helps the body reduce weight gain in the fall and winter months; over time it can also decrease cravings for sugar, which is usually an unfortunate side effect of eating too many carbs."

A study published in Obesity, the official peer-reviewed research journal of The Obesity Society, found that nearly 75 percent of participants taking a carb-controlling nutritional supplement containing Phase 2 maintained a 7-pound weight loss for an additional six months after the initial 12-week reduction in weight along with a decreased appetite for sugary foods.

"Dieting is not the answer," said Stoler. "Our mind is at odds with our body during this season because it wants to eat and store as many calories as possible to avoid winter starvation. If we don't allow ourselves occasional indulgences, the cravings will multiply and will be difficult to control."

Experts say the average person will make 200-300 food-related decisions a day and most of these are out of habit, such as having a cream cheese muffin with a fall favorite pumpkin spiced latte. Stoler says a solid strategy in place in advance of the holidays can help most avoid gaining as much as 75 percent of their weight gain that usually occurs between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

"Ultimately we are all creatures of habit and our weight gain has very little to do with the fat genes we were dealt," said Stoler. "My advice is to learn new habits this season like taking a carb-controlling supplement with Phase 2 to reduce extra holiday calories while enjoying your favorite fall dishes."

Stoler also says eat only when you are hungry and stop eating as soon as you feel full. Additionally, drinking more water during the day helps to slow fall food cravings. For more healthy eating habits follow Stoler on twitter @FeliciaStoler and

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