ITSPmagazine and Sean Coons Meet Up to Discover the Intersection of InfoSec and Academia

ITSPmagazine's New Column, The Academy, Is the Hub Where IT Security Professionals, Educators, and Students Connect to Analyze Trends in the Industry, Ask Questions, and Offer Insights

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LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 12, 2016) -  ITSPmagazine (, the cybersecurity industry's boutique information security magazine focusing in the intersection of IT security and society, announces the launch of a new column: The Academy. In concert with the launch of the column, the ITSP team is also pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Coons -- a long-time educator whose articles have been published in The Atlantic -- as the column's editor.

The Academy column, which can be found at, is off to a great start with 4 articles published by 4 contributors:

  • Eric Haller, Executive Vice President, Experian DataLabs
  • Marian Merritt, lead for industry engagement for the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Michael Lyman, Security Practice Lead at TPP Global Solutions
  • Sean Coons, The Academy Column Editor for ITSPmagazine

Exploring the Intersection of Academia and Information Security
Many factors impact this dynamic relationship between people, technology, and security. But one thing is clear: this crossroad will be heavily shaped by what happens in academia.

"One of the most important questions The Academy will explore is: What is the cybersecurity student? Readers may find it surprising that such a technical industry requires people of diverse backgrounds and talents to meet the complex challenges faced in the IT field," says Coons. "As a longtime educator, it is my privilege and duty to help students develop the intellect, courage, and heart needed to navigate our modern world with success -- and that is our mission at The Academy."

The Academy column will connect cutting-edge IT educators, top industry experts, and students of all ages and backgrounds as they prepare, recruit, and become tomorrow's InfoSec warriors.

"The availability of platforms like ITSPmagazine, and the importance of communication -- where collaboration can occur among students, faculty and employers -- is key," said Eric Haller, Executive Vice President of Experian DataLabs. "We're all driving toward a common goal of helping people succeed via academia which can come through a variety of channels, including this new column."

ITSPmagazine is pleased to provide this platform where our contributing authors can put the spotlight squarely on education, with the aim of answering questions such as:

  • How will our academic institutions prepare for the next generation entering the workforce?
  • What are employers looking for in an InfoSec professional?
  • How do students and active professionals stay current?
  • Do certifications matter?
  • How are students of varied disciplines being recruited?
  • If someone is unfamiliar with InfoSec, how do they get involved?

The column will be open to a variety of topics. Ideas and articles can be submitted to the editorial staff using this form:

To view all of The Academy articles, visit:

Building On Prior Column Success
The Academy column is launched on the heels of ITSPmagazine's recent column lauches: Equal Respect ( and An InfoSec Life ( Since the launch of these two columns, ITSPmagazine has published more than 27 articles from at least 23 contributors. This is in addition to the 30+ Experts Corner articles written by some of the InfoSec industry's best.

Across all columns, the most popular article to-date is an Equal Respect article written by Xuan Zhao: Hello, My Name Is Xuan. I Am A Cybersecurity Data Scientist. It's an amazing story and very much worth reading and sharing.

"I'm thrilled with the response we're receiving from our readers," says Sean Martin, CISSP, co-founder and Editor in Chief at ITSPmagazine. "Each time we publish a new story, we bring a fresh perspective to an issue IT professionals care about, and it gives me a tremendous sense of pride for the platform our team has built. Our contributors share their expertise, their struggles, and their triumphs -- and this openness really impacts our readers' work and lives." 

The team at ITSPmagazine intends to embrace their current momentum by keeping to plans that call for the launch of at least one more column before the end of the year.

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