DoubleHorn launches BetterClouds, a New Multi-cloud Management Platform

Unified portal simplifies cloud services management across providers

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DoubleHorn LLC., a leading cloud services broker, announced today the release of BetterClouds (, their new multi-cloud management platform. BetterClouds is a web-based, software-as-a-service platform that greatly reduces the complexity of managing multiple cloud services from different providers.

At least 90 percent of IT organizations expect to use hybrid cloud environments by 2017, according to a recent Gartner report.  “Organizations are looking to CSB providers to provide a range of expertise for their hybrid IT initiatives.  This includes not only technical expertise to bridge these different delivery mechanisms, but also business acumen, alignment of outcomes, and expertise in financial, policy, governance and regulatory compliance issues.”*

“This release is the culmination of years of development and is a very exciting step for our company,” said Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn. “BetterClouds addresses any of the problems we’ve seen in our numerous years of experience in the cloud industry, and we’re proud to offer this platform that empowers our customers to take full control of their cloud."

“Leveraging our years of expertise in the cloud industry, BetterClouds anticipates the growing need for help managing the IT and business dynamics of environments composed of multiple public cloud services,” said Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn.  “Our new platform empowers our customers to take full control of their cloud to deliver the full range of benefits expected by the business.”

BetterClouds is a unified platform for all cloud computing needs, enabling users to:

  • Design cloud solutions for all common use cases
  • Compare cloud services between providers
  • Purchase and provision new cloud services
  • Monitor all cloud services in real time
  • Start, stop, terminate and schedule cloud services
  • Generate and view custom technical and financial reports
  • Consolidate and standardize all the bills into a single and simple format
  • Support all cloud services across providers at a single place

It is becoming increasingly common for organizations of all sizes to utilize multiple cloud services. BetterClouds reduces and streamlines IT workloads, greatly simplifying the management of those services across multiple clouds.

DoubleHorn's SVP of Strategy, Brent Brightwell, and the Director of Marketing Technology, Harish Munagala, will be attending Gartner Symposium in Orlando October 16 -20.  To schedule a meeting to learn more about the company’s BetterClouds,  please contact

About DoubleHorn

Austin, Texas-based DoubleHorn is a leading Cloud Services Brokerage founded in 2005, dedicated to one enduring idea: Improving the world-changing power of clouds. Learn more about BetterClouds at and DoubleHorn's other services at

*Market Guide for Cloud Service Brokerage, 27 September 2016.  Sid Nag.


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