First Legal Daily Fantasy Sports and iGaming Company Plans IPO

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 17, 2016) - Amid the much-publicized turmoil in the multi-billion-dollar Daily Fantasy Sports ("DFS") industry, a Las Vegas gaming company is launching the first federally-approved online betting and DFS platform.

Atlantis Gaming Corporation ("AGC") has obtained approval from two federal agencies for its refinements of online gaming, and is planning the first initial public offering ("IPO") of a legal Daily Fantasy Sports company in early 2017.

"We are currently the only legal internet platform for Daily Fantasy Sports, Online Poker and most other casino games," announced founder and CEO Donald L. Bailey.

He continued, "Many large funding groups and professional sports organizations (e.g., NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, club owners, and even ESPN) invested in DFS based on an extremely lucrative market. However, amid the turmoil of the two leading DFS companies, ESPN pulled out of the legally-challenged DFS companies and to date, those companies have remained private.

"AGC, however, offers a federally approved, completely legal internet gaming and DFS platform that should assure investors piece of mind while on site, and as this industry grows within the United States," Bailey explained.

The AGC approval to operate in 28 States and Internationally centers around an approved networking platform capable of providing games from multiple manufactures who have been unable to obtain federal consent to operate their own platforms.

"Our platform is truly the first legal multi-vendor platform in the industry. We entered into an exclusive license agreement with a publicly-traded (over the counter market company), Atlantis Internet Group Corp. ("ATIG"), that I guided through the federal approval process for both its 'Casino Gateway Network ('CGN')' aka 'Tribal Gaming Network ('TGN')'," Bailey clarified.

Bailey, also a founder and pioneering engineer for that technology company, lead the Network though approval processes from the National Indian Gaming Commission ("NIGC") (the federal agency overseeing Indian casinos), and the U.S. DOJ.

AGC can also offer online gaming vendors and DFS companies the opportunity to operate on a legal gaming network in Tribal casinos, social media, and sports bars in the US.

Moreover, AGC can now offer all Tribal Casinos on the TGN the ability to accept international bets from legal gaming jurisdictions based on their sovereign status, another first for Tribal Casinos in the US.

The new Company's Board of Directors is made up of a "who's who" in regulated gaming, sports and technology executives and will revolutionize the gaming and DFS industries as they exist today.

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