HIFU Prostate Services Grows Experienced Team with Addition of Accomplished Urology Sales Representative Jenny H. Robeson

Jenny H. Robeson brings decades of medical device, pharmaceutical sales, and HIFU
development experience to further enhance company’s commitment to provide physicians and
patients the highest quality of HIFU care.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HIFU Prostate Services, LLC (HPS), the leading provider of HIFU technology to physician’s practices in the United States is proud to announce the addition of Jenny H. Robeson as chief sales officer. Robeson joins HPS from Dendreon where she consistently ranked at the top of the organization in sales of the late stage prostate cancer therapy, Provenge, as a corporate account manager.  Prior to working for Dendreon, she was a physician development specialist for six years with SonaCare Medical, the developer and manufacturer of Sonablate® HIFU technology.  Before joining SonaCare Medical, Robeson was a sales representative for GlaxoSmithKline selling Avodart for benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate.

As chief sales officer, Robeson will be responsible for recruiting and educating new physicians to train with Sonablate HIFU as well as help trained HIFU doctors to expand their practice.

“The HIFU Prostate Services team is unmatched in terms of experience, commitment and knowledge when it comes to HIFU for prostate cancer. I’m excited to join the company with the goal of expanding the use of the Sonablate HIFU technology across the United States. I feel privileged that I have been able to work with so many HIFU physicians over the years and I look forward to continuing to build relationships in order to spread awareness and availability of Sonablate® HIFU,” said Robeson.

HIFU, which stands for high intensity focused ultrasound, is a non-surgical, radiation-free, outpatient procedure that uses focused sound waves to heat and destroy diseased tissue in the prostate gland. In October 2015, the FDA cleared the Sonablate® technology for the ablation of prostatic tissue. Sonablate® HIFU leads the industry in prostate tissue ablation with features that monitor real-time changes in prostatic tissue during HIFU, detect the location of nerves responsible for preserving potency and keep the rectal wall from being damaged. Additionally, Sonablate® HIFU has the ability to merge MRI images with live ultrasound images for precise treatment of tumors diagnosed with MRI imaging. No other HIFU device for prostate ablation offers all of these features to maintain patient safety and the highest level of care.    

“I have personally known Jenny since grade school and I couldn’t be more excited for her to join the HIFU Prostate Services team. Jenny has been instrumental over the past 10 years in developing relationships within the urology community, educating patients about HIFU and helping physicians train so they could offer the noninvasive treatment option to their patients,” said John Linn, chief executive officer of HIFU Prostate Services.  “She will be a huge asset to us and to the progression of HIFU technology for prostate cancer.”

About HIFU Prostate Services, LLC
HIFU Prostate Services (HPS) was founded to provide men access to a less invasive treatment option for prostate cancer that has the ability to eliminate cancer and preserve patient quality of life. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of care, support, and technology to the patient and to the urology community for the treatment of localized prostate cancer using Sonablate® HIFU. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and with locations in 12 cities throughout North America. Learn more at http://www.hifuprostateservices.com.


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