Patient Solutions Company Self Care Catalysts Partners With MedChart And YouBase To Improve Patient Access To Information And Map Human Health Behaviour

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - November 02, 2016) - Patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company, Self Care Catalysts, has announced its latest collaboration venture with MedChart and YouBase to improve patient access to information and boost health data capture to map human health behaviour.

The partnership strives to provide patients with a fuller picture of their health information, by creating an integration facilitated through blockchain technology, allowing patients to follow their medical records alongside the health data they choose to input. Through the partnership, all parties hope to promote the importance of owning and sharing your health data. Patients are encouraged to 'donate' their data and become aware of the value that they provide when it comes to supporting medical discoveries, research development, and ultimately bettering the process of managing chronic diseases.

"Health care is going home and driving patient self care. As patients increasingly use smart devices, Health Storylines and other digital tools, we now have the ability to map human health behavior and generate more intimate understanding of the patient experience to inform the patient, providers and other healthcare stakeholders," said Self Care Catalysts Founder & CEO, Grace Soyao.

"We are unlocking patient data and transferring ownership of every health record to the one most invested in their health - the patient. Through this exciting partnership we will combine clinical and behaviour data to uncover new insights looking at the entire picture," said MedChart CEO and Co-founder James Bateman

"Trust is too often overlooked when it comes to health data exchange. We are building an ecosystem where individuals can control their health through trust-based management of their health data," said YouBase co-founder Leonard Kish.

Self Care Catalysts' Health Storylines is a patient engagement platform enabling patients to engage in self care beyond the clinical setting, which in turn is de-identified and aggregated to form Patient Storylines, a behavior analytics software providing real world evidence.

MedChart is a secure cloud-based Patient and Physician Portal which empowers patients by creating a seamless process for individuals to access their official health records online, ultimately enabling patients to share their consolidated medical information with their providers and family.

YouBase has created a platform which facilitates the interoperability and transfer of secure health data beyond silos through blockchain technology.

Together, the end solution will demonstrate the combined value of connecting patients' medical and behaviour data to inform patients, providers and other stakeholders with patients taking the leadership helm in ownership and sharing.

The collaboration will pilot with a project focused on the epilepsy patient community in Canada.

About Self Care Catalysts
Self Care Catalysts is a health solutions, patient intelligence and analytics company. Self Care Catalysts is a cloud-based patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company. We leverage the patient clout to map human health behavior through self care data science to deliver better care, health outcomes and drive health care innovation.

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About MedChart

MedChart is a secure cloud-based Patient Portal which empowers patients with their official health records at their fingertips. By simplifying access to personal health information and empowering patients as partners in care, MedChart is playing an important role in empowering patients to take control of their health care. For more information, visit them on the web at:

About YouBase
YouBase has built the Personal Information Exchange Layer (PIXL) using blockchain technology, allowing individuals to own their health with the combination of data ownership and trusted sharing of health data. To learn more about YouBase, visit them on the web at:

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