IMSI Design Announces TurboCAD(R) v10

Dozens of New Features Improve Performance, Usability, and Interoperability Including New Multi-Threading Support, Updated ACIS(R) Engine, & New 3D-PDF Export

NOVATO, CA--(Marketwired - November 07, 2016) - IMSI® Design, a leading software provider and developer of the #1 best-selling CAD in retail, today announced the version 10 release of its TurboCAD Mac product line. TurboCAD Mac v10 is a major upgrade, with dozens of new features which improve performance, usability, and interoperability. New multi-threading support speeds up the display of CAD data, while an updated ACIS engine provides a host of new 3D modeling enhancements. The products are available now through the Apple Mac Store and

"Our Version 10 release marks a milestone in development for TurboCAD on the Macintosh platform. Since the launch of version 1 of January 2006, we have added incredible functionality to our products through innovative 2D and 3D design tools, while at the same time maintaining the ease of use Apple customers demand, at an attractive price. By being able to maintain this tremendous value in our Mac CAD titles, we are proudly able to continue to be the leading retail CAD product line in the world," said Bob Mayer, President and CEO of IMSI Design.

New and improved features in TurboCAD Mac v10 include:


New Multi-threading Support is a technique by which an operation can use several processors to complete the command. TurboCAD Mac now uses multi-threading in photo-realistic rendering (Pro only), file imports, and facet calculations for display lists.

Updated ACIS® R26 Modeling Kernel in the solid modeling engine offers improvements with multi-threading of key features, Boolean operations, constant and variable radius blends, direct face operations (used for push/pull), and shelling.


Updated Bill of Materials (BOM) Dialog now has options for specifying table settings including font type, font size, and number of decimals.

New Customizable Content Menu displayed by right clicking in the empty drawing area, now allows users to add favorite commands to this menu.

New Copy Keep Original Layer option will preserve the original layer with the copied object for the transform tools of Translate, Rotate, Scale, and Mirror. The default behavior assigns the current work layer.

New Draw Views are now only dependent on the viewing area and layers for easy scaled prints. Additionally, new tools have been introduced to dynamically pan and zoom the viewing area within a Draw View.

New Select Tool options, including Lasso, Feature, and Mesh, allow for more efficient workflow and management of your CAD drawings.

Improved Gripper Tool now offers an auto-sizing update.


Improved Infinite Plane Objects can now resize Infinite Planes and set transparency to better visualize how the plane relates to other geometry in your file.

New Repair Curves Operation checks and repairs a collection of curves for gaps and duplicates. Gaps below user tolerances are repaired. Gaps above user tolerances are identified with red markers.

New Magnet Tool quickly snaps one part to another. The part is moved from its current location, orientated, and centered within the selected face.

New Mesh Symmetry allows modification of vertices, edges, and facets of a mesh object through a symmetry plane.

New Quad Mesh Modifier offsets a selected facet and adds connecting facets.

New Pocket Hole option in the wood working tool palette quickly creates pocket holes.


New KeyShot Live Linking allows users to use TurboCAD Mac Pro and Deluxe v10 side by side with KeyShot to produce stunning renders and presentation drawings.

New Rapid Render Tools in the photo render tool palette offers predefined wood materials like pine, maple, and oak.

Faster Display of CAD data with a display list created by tessellating geometry, speeds up in version 10 by integrating multi-threading to the tessellation process and optimizing the display of data using OpenGL.


Updated 3D Interoperability Components (IGES, STEP, & SAT) integrates advanced features such as Geometry Repair, Topology Repair, and Tolerance Resolution.

New 3D-PDF Export with options to share facets or NURB data and to share 2D data (hatches, dimensions, curves, and text), allows users to share CAD data with Adobe Acrobat Reader, a highly popular PDF viewer.

New SAB Export, a binary representation of the ACIS SAT file format which is stored as ASCII text, offer a less compressed option than the binary format.

Improved SketchUp Import allows users with TurboCAD Mac v10 to continue to share data direction with SketchUp Make by using the new SketchUp native file format. Translators also now import the latest versions of SketchUp 2016.

New SketchUp Export saves TurboCAD Mac v10 data as native SketchUp files. Users can now share mesh, surfaces, and solids as well as lines, arcs, circles, splines, and conic curves. The export also supports colors and layers.

Improved STL Export for 3D printing now with both ASCII and Binary options. Users can specify a unit format allowing designers to continue to work in inches, for example, but export to millimeters.

Updated DWG Support powered by Opten Design SDK. Improvements include dimension text position updates, Draw Views now use layers, and there is now dynamic panning and zoom in Draw Views.


The entire TurboCAD Mac v10 line is available now from both and Apple's Mac App Store.

  • TurboCAD Mac Pro v10, $499.99 USD
  • TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D v10, $129.99 USD
  • TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D v9, $69.99 USD

New features vary by product. For more information, please visit or call IMSI/Design at 1.800.833.8082 (+1.415.483.8000).


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