SurePeople and Baird Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Collaboration delivers healthcare expertise, innovative talent management solutions and technology for emerging needs of hospitals and health systems

CHICAGO, Nov. 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SurePeople, a global technology innovator providing cloud-based talent solutions driven by real-time data and people analytics, and Baird Group, a results-oriented consulting group specializing in patient experience improvement, today announced a strategic partnership to provide full-scale technology services and healthcare industry expertise designed to improve employee engagement and positively impact the patient experience.

Through this partnership, SurePeople ( and Baird Group ( will collaborate to provide hospitals and health systems with individual and organizational data, real-time communication tools, system-wide learning objectives, culture-enhancing multimedia content, and personalized development programs based on an employee’s emotional, relational and team intelligence (ERT-i®).

“Studies show that engaged employees deliver the best patient care,” said the founder and CEO of Baird Group, Kristin Baird, who has over 35 years of experience as a nurse and hospital executive. “By using SurePeople to support coaching and development, a manager or director is able to efficiently collaborate and stay connected with a large number of employees simultaneously.”

“The combination of Baird Group’s expertise and SurePeople’s data-driven technology gives hospitals and health systems an innovative solution to reach all of their employees with engaging and targeted learning opportunities,” said Anne Prendergast, SurePeople’s Senior Vice President of Performance Solutions.

Prendergast, who previously served as the Director of Leadership & Organizational Development for Jackson Health System in Miami, added, “Ultimately, our partnership will help healthcare organizations improve their culture and positively impact patient satisfaction indicators.”      

On Tuesday, November 15 at 2 p.m. EST, Prendergast will join Baird for a free webinar titled “Love the One You’re With – 3 Keys for Strengthening Work Relationships.” The webinar, presented by Baird Group, will provide attendees with the following: the negative effects of working in discord; the merits of understanding yourself and how you respond to conflict; a review of SurePeople’s platform which helps build ERT-i; and case stories from SurePeople users. 

“We are excited to collaborate with Baird Group to bring deep expertise and talent management solutions to healthcare organizations,” said Niko Drakoulis, the founder and CEO of SurePeople. “Emotional, relational and team intelligence (ERT-i®) is a critical, everyday component between nurses, doctors and patients. By aligning our services and specialties, we can help hospitals and health systems improve patient outcomes.”  

To learn more about SurePeople and its talent management solutions for the healthcare industry, visit For more information about the Baird Group and its consulting services, go to

About SurePeople
SurePeople ( is a global technology innovator providing cloud-based talent solutions driven by real-time data and people analytics. Its mission is to make people sure of themselves and businesses sure of their people. SurePeople’s innovative offering applies qualitative and quantitative data to people development, with a foundation in emotional, relational and team intelligence (ERT-i®), delivering an engaging experience in one integrated platform that's scalable, measurable and actionable.

Together, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes.

About Baird Group
The Baird Group (Baird Consulting, Inc.), helps healthcare organizations to transform culture and shape the patient experience through mystery shopping, leadership development, employee engagement, targeted service strategies and customized training. Since 1991 Baird Consulting, Inc. (DBA Baird Group) has provided healthcare clients with targeted solutions for customer service challenges. The Baird Group delivers in depth culture assessments, customized service strategies, and training. For more information, visit or email


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