Industry Visionary and Lifestyle Guru Launch NYC Amenity Firm Urbn Playground

Full-Service Firm Fills a Niche for Luxury Amenity Services Supported by On-Demand Technology

NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jeremy Brutus, a 15-year veteran in the amenity industry, and Amy Blitz, a well-known lifestyle guru and celebrity personal trainer, have joined forces to launch Urbn Playground, a full-service amenity consulting and management firm headquartered in New York City.

Urbn Playground was formed to meet a gap that both Brutus and Blitz saw in the market – while the trend for luxury and service at rental and condominium properties was on the rise and along with it, competition among developers to build more innovative amenities, the approach to managing and servicing those amenities had not been evolving at the same pace.

The duo wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the industry, and with Brutus’ international background in managing amenities across the U.S., India, and the Middle East and Blitz’s track record of creating service excellence at New York City’s top sites and for several of NYC’s celebrity chefs, co-founding Urbn Playground was a natural move.

“The playful nature of our name reflects what we believe – that amenities should not just be standalone spaces or facilities, but should instead, foster interaction, fun, engagement, and most importantly, a sense of connection to the local community,” said Brutus.

“Our goal is to disrupt a very traditional industry model that focuses mainly on supplying staffing, with little thought or attention given to the depth of social experiences that people desire when they use a building’s amenities and common spaces,” added Blitz.

Central to this goal is a deep understanding of a rapidly growing market segment – the Millennials. Both Brutus and Amy’s work are informed by their insights into what appeals to and attracts the younger demographics of home owners, renters, and hotel guests, influenced by their use of technology and inclination towards shared experiences.

“Grand, lavish, and disparate amenities such as spas and large gyms are losing their appeal in favor of more intimate, community-building experiences such as yoga studios and cozy co-working spaces,” said Brutus.

“At the same time, convenience and speed are also valued in an age of on-demand services, so we have plans to roll out a personal concierge app that will add value to the service packages we deploy.”

Combining a strong focus on exceptional service with the efficiency of on-demand technology, new kid on the block Urbn Playground looks set to inject a fresh outlook and vibrancy into New York City’s amenity scene.

About Urbn Playground

Founded in 2016, Urbn Playground is a full-service amenity management and consultancy firm headquartered in New York City, and is built on its co-founders’ passion for putting the human touch into amenity management. Urbn Playground focuses on designing and delivering experiences, lifestyles, and moments that build connection and community – within cities, neighborhoods, and buildings.

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