Wayne Veterinarian Radnor Veterinary Hospital Promoting Pet Dental Wellness and Use of Digital Pet Dental X-Rays

WAYNE, Pa., Nov. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wayne Veterinarian Radnor Veterinary Hospital is highlighting the importance of pet dental care as pivotal to the overall health and wellbeing of pets. Just as with humans, oral health is foundational to overall health. It influences the immune system and many of the body’s key organs and functions.

Modern technology and innovations can enhance analysis so that preventative measures can be taken. The use of digital pet dental X-rays is extremely valuable in maintaining pet dental health that supports an overall high quality of life. 

Digital X-rays for pet dental care have numerous benefits over traditional methods. Traditional film X-rays have been the standard in diagnostic tools, but they are far from perfect. For one, they expose pets to radiation. The X-ray process also takes more time, since the film has to develop. This extends the amount of time that pets must be under anesthesia.

In addition to these health risks from traditional X-rays, film-based X-rays are also much more difficult to share with clients, family members or specialists. By contrast, digital X-rays are available immediately and can be easily shared with relevant parties via email on digital devices.

A high standard in dental diagnosis and care is crucial to ongoing overall health. If oral health is not maintained, bacterial infections that form at the gum line can invade other parts of the body. In the most extreme cases, severe organ damage can then result. At a minimum, pet wellbeing and comfort can be compromised by dental issues, pain, and the resultant effects on the body’s immune system and overall functioning.  

Fortunately, Wayne vet Radnor Veterinary Hospital brings safe, effective digital pet dental X-ray technology to area pets. In addition to the city of Wayne, Radnor Veterinary Hospital also serves the Plymouth Meeting, Bala Cynwyd, King of Prussia, Bryn Mawr, Paoli and Norristown communities.

Leonard Donato, VMD, owner of the Radnor Veterinary Hospital, says, “We would like to alert area pet owners about the importance of dental care to overall pet health. We are pleased to be able to bring digital X-ray technology to Wayne area pets.”

In addition to high quality pet dental care, the Wayne vet also provides overall wellness evaluations, spay and neuter services, vaccinations, blood work, sample testing, dermatology services, care for exotic animals, senior pet wellness care, and laser therapy for non-invasive pain relief. They also offer surgical services including emergency, orthopedic and routine surgery.

Radnor Veterinary Hospital is located at 107 North Aberdeen Avenue in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Those in Wayne and the surrounding communities who wish to book a pet exam for their animals may do so by calling (610) 687-1550. Additional information about their veterinary services may be found on their website at http://www.radnorvet.com/.



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