Nomiku, First Smartphone-Connected Sous Vide Device, to Appear on Shark Tank in December

CEO Lisa Fetterman Will Pitch the Sharks on December 2, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - November 15, 2016) - Nomiku, the most powerful and compact sous vide immersion circulator in the world, is set to appear on Shark Tank on December 2, 2016 at 9:00 PM PST on ABC. CEO Lisa Fetterman, named on both Forbes' and Zagat Survey's 30 Under 30 lists for her pioneering work in the food space, will pitch Nomiku to the Sharks with co-founder and CTO Abe Fetterman. Their hope is that the Sharks will help them change the way people think about, prepare, and consume their food -- for the better -- and help them back the company to fuel growth.

"The opportunity to appear on Shark Tank is a dream come true," says Lisa. "We allow anybody regardless of skill level to become a top chef and eat like one too. We can't wait to show our product to the Shark Tank community and empower them to be creative in the kitchen."

Sous vide is the method of cooking vacuum-sealed food in a controlled low-temperature water bath, creating consistently delicious, perfectly cooked dishes, effortlessly and consistently. Prior to Nomiku, sous vide technology was expensive (upwards of ~$1,000) and unwieldy, which in itself made it very limiting to those who could experience sous vide. With Nomiku, sous vide is democratized, and with an affordable price tag, most anyone could bring a Nomiku home and effectively bring a home the ability to have perfectly cooked food whenever they wanted. Nomiku pairs with the Tender app, which allows people to search recipes and wirelessly control Nomiku.

Lisa and Abe Fetterman first created a DIY Sous-Vide kit in 2012. They then started producing a commercial version of Nomiku and launched two separate Kickstarter campaigns with incredibly successful results: they raised over $1.3 million. They also spent a lot of time in China to research and oversee manufacturing, and finally moved to San Francisco to set up their own manufacturing operations, where the devices are still produced today.

Fetterman also released a book in early November, Sous Vide at Home, with recipes for over 100 gourmet sous vide meals for the home chef.

Nomiku is available for $249.99 on


Nomiku makes delicious home cooking accessible to everyone with affordable and easy-to-use sous vide products. Founded in 2012 after a 300%-funded Kickstarter campaign, Nomiku is based and the product is manufactured in San Francisco. Visit us online at, @Nomiku, and Facebook; get our app at

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