Teradici Launches New Line of Alta PCoIP(R) Zero Clients to Create Ideal Cloud Endpoints

New solution expands family of Zero Clients to ensure that organizations are able to meet a broad range of use cases, including mobile; provides functionality for knowledge workers to power users

Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA

BURNABY, BC--(Marketwired - November 15, 2016) - Teradici, creator of industry-leading PCoIP® technology for secure virtual workspaces, today introduced Alta PCoIP Zero Clients, a new expansion of the PCoIP Zero Client family that furthers the company's commitment to providing easy-to-manage endpoints with enterprise-grade security while delivering an outstanding user experience. Building upon the success of Teradici's Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients, which already have over three million deployments globally, Alta PCoIP Zero Clients include wireless form factors and are ideally suited for virtual or cloud environments.

"Along with Tera2 Zero Clients, the new Alta PCoIP Zero Clients round out the PCoIP Zero Client family and expand the use cases for Zero Client technology," said Dan Cordingley, co-founder and CEO of Teradici. "These new devices continue Teradici's mission to provide secure, high-performance virtual and cloud-based endpoints that can be set up in under five minutes and are remarkably easy to manage, while providing functionality that's suitable for everyone from knowledge workers to power users."

Alta PCoIP Zero Clients, like Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients, are hardware-based endpoints that use a highly integrated, purpose-built processor to perform image decompression and decoding for secure virtual desktops, workspaces, and applications. To create this new generation of PCoIP Zero Clients, Teradici partnered with Socionext, an emerging leader in advanced system-on-chip (SoC) technology for video and imaging systems. The result combines Socionext's PXiV processor with Teradici's PCoIP hardware decoder to deliver a comprehensive feature set that includes:

  • Wireless support: Built-in Wi-Fi enables mobile connectivity while preserving the ultra-secure and high performance capabilities of PCoIP Zero Clients. Remote branch staff, wireless hospital carts, hospital campus environments or secure ruggedized mobile endpoints are just a few examples of where a wireless PCoIP Zero Client will improve workforce efficiency.
  • Broad connectivity: Supports the latest interfaces, including USB 3.0, DisplayPort, and HDMI.
  • Blazing fast decoding: The PCoIP hardware decoder in the new Socionext PXiV processor delivers performance of up to 250 megapixels per second.
  • Dual 4K UHD display support: Supports the higher resolutions that are becoming more common in workstation use cases like media and entertainment in order to edit and playback 4K UHD content. Users in Financial Services and other industries can make use of larger monitor real estate, higher resolutions and frame rates to improve productivity.
  • Modern UI: Improves usability and workflow by introducing a completely new, more intuitive interface for users to navigate.

"Teradici's PCoIP technology is already the proven gold standard for virtual desktops," said Koichi Yamashita, Senior Vice President, IoT and Graphics Solution Business Unit at Socionext. "Now Alta PCoIP Zero Clients based on our advanced silicon will bring the full power and benefits of PCoIP to entirely new device form factors and use cases, including mobile and automotive applications that weren't possible before."

Like all PCoIP Zero Clients, the new Alta PCoIP Zero Clients enable seamless connectivity to cloud solutions such as Teradici Cloud Access Software, PCoIP Remote Workstation solutions, VMware Horizon View, and Amazon WorkSpaces.

"One of our areas of focus with Amazon WorkSpaces is to provide customers with a flexible platform that reduces total cost of ownership compared to traditional virtual desktop infrastructure," said Nathan Thomas, General Manager, WorkSpaces, Amazon Web Services. "Teradici offers simple and cost-effective endpoint solutions that help achieve this, and the significant new features such as wireless support that they're delivering with the Alta PCoIP Zero Client will provide even more value for customers."

"VMware Horizon delivers a rich virtual desktop and application experience optimized for both on-premises and cloud delivery," said Pat Lee, vice president product management, VMware. "We're delighted that the new features of the Alta PCoIP Zero Client, including wireless and support for dual 4K displays, provide a great way of leveraging Horizon virtual desktops across ever expanding use cases."

"As the highest volume provider of comprehensive PCoIP solutions in the industry, Dell integrates PCoIP technology into its secure, virus-mitigated operating system, ThinOS, and continues to work closely with Teradici to enable differentiated solutions for its Wyse thin and zero clients and Wyse Device Manager solution," said Steve Lalla, Senior Vice President, Dell Commercial Client Software & Solutions. "As more and more organizations embark on a cloud adoption journey, we support them by providing seamless compatibility with Amazon WorkSpaces or VMware Horizon solutions. Teradici's announcement today affirms the growth and variety of cloud solutions available today, enhancing the industry as a whole."

"Customers today demand a rich experience in the cloud," said Jeff Groudan, vice president and global head Thin Clients, HP Inc. "Teradici's new Alta PCoIP Zero Client demonstrates its commitment to innovation and quality, as well as the ability to meet the diverse range of our customers' needs."

"With the growing cloud adoption across the enterprise, Teradici continues to provide customers with a range of zero clients with diverse features and form factors," said Stephen Hu, Director of Sales at LG Electronics. "These new Alta PCoIP Zero Clients add to Teradici's extensive portfolio of ultra-secure, high-performance PCoIP Zero Clients."

"Samsung's success with PCoIP Zero Clients demonstrates the tremendous value and versatility of Teradici technology," said Greg Spence, Sr. Business Development Manager, Cloud Solutions, Samsung. "We believe Zero Client customers will embrace the new features offered by the Alta product line."

With deployments of Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients continuing to grow and the addition of the much anticipated Alta PCoIP Zero Client, PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition has become the default software of choice for companies worldwide as the single-web-based console that allows IT departments to quickly provision new devices, report on inventory, review metrics, configure settings, update firmware, and view event logs.

The new Alta PCoIP Zero Clients are expected to ship beginning in the first quarter of 2017 from a wide number of OEM partners. Alta PCoIP Zero Clients will also be showcased at booth #1342 during AWS Re:Invent beginning November 28, 2016.

For more information, please visit www.teradici.com/zeroclients and http://connect.teradici.com/blog/meet-alta-the-newest-pcoip-zero-client

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Quote Sheet

"10ZiG Technology is delighted to continue its long term relationship with Teradici, whilst at the same time being able to offer its customers and partners the exciting new technology that is the Alta PCoIP Zero Clients. With the 4K display resolution, USB 3.0 and wireless options, coupled with the high level of security that PCoIP brings, the 10ZiG Alta Zero Client will be an excellent choice for both existing and new customers" said Andy Martin, General Manager 10ZiG Technology.

"We are excited to add an Amulet Hotkey designed Alta-based client to our extensive line of PCoIP zero clients," said Andrew Jackson, President of Amulet Hotkey Inc. "The Alta-based cloud access client brings a high resolution 4K UHD display option and is a great complement to our Tera2-based zero clients that have unique features including security certification by the UK Government and NATO."

"I-O Corporation is excited to add the Teradici PCoIP Alta Zero Client to our portfolio of PCoIP products that includes zero clients, host cards, and the Apex server acceleration cards. Our customers have long awaited for the Alta Zero Client and will be extremely excited for the new features it provides, like 4k resolution, wireless connectivity and USB 3.0 support. We can envision ready adoption of Alta in government, education, healthcare and financial who have previously invested in PCoIP based solutions," said Matt Brady, President and CEO of IOCorp.

"NCS Technologies, a leader in innovative PCoIP endpoint solutions, will be offering new desktop Alta zero clients, the latest member of Teradici's family of products said Mike Turicchi, chief strategic relationships officer, NCS Technologies, Inc. "These new devices are ready made for the cloud and include long-awaited features like WiFi connectivity, USB 3.0 and 4k support."

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