Hemp industry first: New mass-spec lab-verified cannabidiol extract with accurate CBD launched by Native Hemp Solutions

Cody, Wyoming, UNITED STATES

BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CWC Labs, an ISO 17025 accredited science laboratory, is partnering with Native Hemp Solutions (http://www.nativehempsolutions.com) to release the first ISO laboratory-verified cannabinoid hemp extract (with CBD) based on a game-changing mass-spec laboratory analysis method.

CWC Labs director Mike Adams (CWClabs.com) led the science team that developed the mass-spec CBD analysis method using LC-MS-TOF instrumentation. CWC labs is internationally accredited as ISO 17025 compliant. The mass-spec method developed by Adams offers orders of magnitude higher sensitivity than traditional HPLC methods, while simultaneously authenticating cannabinoid molecules using ion fragmentation, isotopic ratio analysis and other analysis techniques.

The ability to quantify cannabinoid molecules such as CBD while simultaneously authenticating their molecular integrity is a first for hemp industry science. The new scientific approach eliminates any possibility of counterfeit cannabinoids and accurately confirms the concentration of CBD, CBD-A and other cannabinoids in each production lot.

The FDA has issued numerous warnings to CBD product manufacturers for failing to accurately quantify the CBD content of their products. "Existing hemp labs are using wildly inaccurate, outdated methods to attempt to quantitate CBD in hemp extracts," said Mike Adams. "Common lab approaches based on HPLC suffer from critical problems in the co-elution of cannabinoids as well as the complete inability to discriminate molecules based on accurate mass and ion fragmentation."

Adams spent more than eight months developing and refining the new mass-spec method, which was developed on an Agilent Time-Of-Flight mass-spec system. He says the method will soon be published in a science paper and shared with the hemp industry. "I aim to help other hemp product companies improve their science and deliver more trusted and accurate products to consumers," Adams said.

Native Hemp Solutions hemp extracts with naturally occurring cannabinoids are available at NativeHempSolutions.com.

CWC Labs commercial hemp testing services are available through CWClabs.com.


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