SambaSafety Chooses Cohesive Networks' VNS3 to Secure 20+ End-to-End IPsec Tunnels

Cohesive Networks' Technology Allows SambaSafety to Ensure High Availability, Flexibility and Protection in AWS

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Nov 29, 2016) - AWS re:Invent -- Cohesive Networks, a cloud-native security and network software company, today announced that SambaSafety has chosen Cohesive Networks' VNS3 and VNS3:ha in production to secure overlay networks on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS). SambaSafety works in partnership with State governments and other third-party information providers to acquire, process, and report critical driver information. VNS3, Cohesive Networks' flagship product, provides SambaSafety with end-to-end encrypted networking capabilities at the application layer, high availability, scalability, and the flexibility SambaSafety needs for secure compliance reporting.

VNS3:ha cloud-based network controller is the first software-only appliance to use Instance-based failover, allowing VNS3 customers to ensure things like IPsec failover without relying on connecting hardware or complex routing protocols.

"After researching and testing different technologies, we chose Cohesive Networks VNS3 because it is the most reliable and straightforward way to connect our cloud-based resources, and ensure all traffic between the source and destination is encrypted," said Ryan Woodard, IT Manager at SambaSafety. "Furthermore, Cohesive Networks' outstanding customer support has made our job easier. Their technology delivers greater security for all our critical business systems."

SambaSafety relies on Cohesive Networks' technology to help their growing business:

  • Integrate with partnering state government and territorial entities to access private driver's license numbers and motor vehicle records.
  • Ensure best practices of fully end-to-end encryption for all personal identifying information.
  • Quickly and easily configure network connections between partners and AWS cloud-based servers with added high availability.

"We are so excited to be partnering with SambaSafety because they are the market leader in cloud-based risk management solutions for employers, insurance, background screeners and fleet management companies," said Ryan Koop, the Director of products and marketing at Cohesive Networks. "VNS3 technology lets companies to protect traffic in public, private or hybrid cloud deployments, where other competitors fall short. That flexibility is key for customers like SambaSafety who need to adapt their security and connectivity methods with customers in multiple states and regulated industries."

SambaSafety has standardized their infrastructure and technology into a unified, enterprise-level environment with Cohesive Networks VNS3 and VNS3:ha. Since deploying VNS3, SambaSafety has connected over 20 secure IPsec tunnels to customers and AWS-based resources. As part of their disaster recovery business and continuity planning, SambaSafety is using VNS3:ha to proactively respond to events and outages and protect their applications in the cloud.

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Cohesive Networks provides cloud-class security and networking software for enterprises. Over 2,100 customers use VNS3 virtual appliances to secure products and services at the application layer. With VNS3, enterprises can extend networks into public, private and hybrid clouds to provide security, connectivity, and integration.

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