800Fund.com Encourages Small Businesses to Celebrate #GivingTuesday Year Round

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today marks the fifth year of #GivingTuesday, a now global, charitable giving movement, celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 800fund.com encourages small business owners to both participate in the #GivingTuesday movement every November and create a culture of social good and positive impact practices into your everyday business operation.

Small business charitable giving can work to help the growth and success of your business, as well as the social causes that you support. Today’s consumers have come to expect companies of all sizes to incorporate social good into their business models and to actively make a difference by way of corporate social responsibility (CSR), cause marketing or “good” content.

Recent studies show that 90% of Americans surveyed say that they are more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that have made “making a difference" a part of their daily culture. Another 88% of consumers surveyed said that they would purchase a product that benefitted a positive social or environmental cause, and 84% of these same consumers would tell their friends and family about a business that was committed to a “social good” effort.

You don’t have to have a major corporate budget to create a culture of positive social change. Small monetary and/or in-kind donations can make a significant impact in your community. Creating a matching gift program for your employees and customers or even running a promotion in which a portion of the proceeds of each sale go towards your selected charitably cause are great ways of making even small donations add up fast. Donating excess inventory, extra food or even your time and knowledge to a cause are additional ways that your small business can make a substantial difference for the better.

800Fund.com wants the public to know that they indeed practice what they preach. As a part of creating a year-round culture of social good and positive impact, the alternative lending company will be announcing a strategic philanthropic partnership that will benefit three very special, children’s charitable organizations. While more details are expected to be revealed over the coming weeks, the names of the children’s organizations will be officially revealed at the 800Fund.com 2016 Holiday Event that is slated to be a casino themed, all-star affair with a percentage of the proceeds going directly to benefit these amazing charities.

For business owners that are interested in more small business tips and resources or more information on alternative lending solutions and other 800Fund.com services, please visit www.800fund.com or call (212)865-3863.


#GivingTuesday was created in 2011 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as a counter to the consumerism of the holiday season and an official kickoff to the December giving season. Over 40,000 organizations in 71 countries worldwide have joined the #GivingTuesday movement in the five years since its inception. For more information on the movement or for additional #GivingTuesday resources, please visit www.givingtuesday.org.

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