Pamplin Collection Offers Art-Inspired Tour Through China

Latest additions to international collection showcase passion for historical preservation and storytelling

Portland, Oregon, UNITED STATES

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Dec 1, 2016) - America's leading historical preservationist, Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr., has expanded his collection of priceless ceremonial and dynastic objects, representing the heights of Chinese culture. The newest additions to the collection serve as a testament to Dr. Pamplin's mission of preserving and sharing the story of civilization.

Spanning a period of 5,000 years, the Asian section of the Pamplin International Collection of Art and History consists of hundreds of specimens that provide a detailed record of China's ancient past. The collection showcases how these communities lived to the smallest detail, even demonstrating how horses were adorned for battle.

"Every piece of the collection tells a story, and I've found that sharing historical context makes art come alive," said Pamplin. "The Chinese portion of the collection serves as a showcase for the country's immense cultural heritage, giving viewers a Tour Through China and a deeper understanding of its historical legacy."

Featured new additions to the Chinese section of the Pamplin Collection include:

  • Han Dynasty Model of a Celestial Horse, 206 BCE-220 CE: This sculpture represents the ideal horse, enhanced with celestial qualities such as an oversized chest.
  • Tan Dynasty Lokapala, 618-906 CE: A carved guardian that protects and guides the deceased safely into the afterlife.
  • Liao Dynasty Bronze Funerary Masks, 12th Century CE: The collection holds both male and female funerary masks, all tipped in gold.
  • Ming Dynasty Bowls and Vases, 1368-1644 CE: A diverse collection of items, from bowls to vases, including a unique red and blue bowl from the time of the reign of Emperor Xuande.
  • Unusual Qing Dynasty Specimens, 1644-1911 CE: including a rare pair of very large wucai vases of baluster form.

In addition to Chinese art, the collection contains more than 100,000 historically significant pieces of Civil War, Wild West, World War II, Native American, Asian, European and American fine art, illustrative art, historical furniture and decorative art. For more information about the Pamplin International Collection of Art and History, please visit, and for information about Dr. Pamplin's other preservation efforts, visit

About Robert B. Pamplin Jr.
Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. has earned eight degrees -- including two doctorates -- in business, economics, accounting, education and theology. He has been honored nationally as a businessman, philanthropist, ordained minister, educator, historical preservationist, and author of 24 books and comic books, including two book-of-the-month club selections. Pamplin's business interests include media (the Portland Tribune and 25 community newspapers), textiles, construction and agriculture. He has been awarded many honorary degrees and featured in national magazines, in newspapers and on television. He has served on presidential and state commissions, and he has been chairman of the board of trustees of three colleges. Pamplin is widely recognized as America's leading historical preservationist and foremost diversified entrepreneur. For more information, visit For more information about the Pamplin International Collection of Art and History, visit

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