Urbn Playground & BuildingLink Join Forces to Maximize Gym Utilization Rates

NEW YORK, Dec. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urbn Playground, one of the premier amenity space consulting firms, and BuildingLink, the dominant residential management software platform, have formed a strategic alliance to jointly bring better analytics to Urbn Playground’s clients.

Expanding on its 15 years of experience in tracking and analyzing data about building operations and activity patterns through their proprietary technology, BuildingLink has recently announced the beta release of Aware-FC™, a smart-sensor solution for private fitness centers located in residential buildings. The Aware-FC solution provides real time tracking and historical utilization analytics for the full range of exercise equipment found in building gyms, on a per machine basis. Initial data collected by Aware-FC™ beta systems suggest that in most cases, at least 50% of equipment at residential gyms is not needed even at peak usage times.

Too often, developers’ and property managers’ decisions about what type of equipment to install are highly influenced by 1) recommendations from their dealer who may also be trying to meet sales targets, or 2) the perceived need to compete with the gym or fitness center in one’s competitive set or simply across the street. Urbn Playground and BuildingLink believe that every property’s customer value proposition is unique, and that delivering maximum value to its target users for each square foot of its amenity spaces can be achieved better by property-specific data rather than just by following standard industry practices.  

Through its alliance with BuildingLink, Urbn Playground aims to improve gym utilization rates, working closely with developers building new gyms who need to make informed decisions, or building managers needing to track current usage in considering the decision to upgrade existing facilities in older buildings. With intelligent data from BuildingLink's Aware-FC™ system, developers, boards and building managers can make more intelligent decisions about whether to invest in more equipment or to get rid of under-utilized equipment to maximize square footage.

About Urbn Playground

Founded in 2016, Urbn Playground is a full-service amenity management and consultancy firm headquartered in New York City, and is built on its co-founders’ passion for putting the human touch into amenity management. Urbn Playground focuses on designing and delivering experiences, lifestyles, and moments that build connection and community – within cities, neighborhoods, and buildings.

For more information, please visit www.urbnplayground.com.

About BuildingLink

BuildingLink.com is the gold standard choice for property managers looking to upgrade the total experience of managing, working at, or living in their luxury residential properties. BuildingLink's innovative web-based platform is currently used in over 3,500 properties in the U.S. and worldwide, offering the ultimate in efficient management, flawless communication, and enhanced living experience for residents.

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