WebLOAD Adds Network Emulation Support and More in WebLOAD 10.5

RadView is proud to announce the release of WebLOAD 10.5. WebLOAD is a leading load testing solution for over two decades. This new version of WebLOAD includes a bundle of new features which will help companies detect critical load and performance issues.

Rosh Haayin, ISRAEL

NYC, Dec. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WebLOAD 10.5 introduces Advanced Network Emulation. In addition to controlling the bandwidth/connection speed as in previous releases, you are able to control upload/download bandwidth, latency/delay, and packet loss. WebLOAD lets you control this kind of emulation at several levels. You can set these numbers to all of your virtual users, specify them for specific load generator/s, control your mix of agendas, or even a specific virtual user. This gives you the ability to simulate different users, each reaching your server from a different network.

WebLOAD 10.5 allows you to create Web Services calls created manually via GUI, in addition to the existing recording option, or coding options. Any HTTP method or header is supported. To use this new option, a new building box is added to the IDE toolbox dedicated to HTTP Web Services. 

WebLOAD 10.5 introduces a new REST Open API. With this new API, you can remotely activate a test, remotely create Analytics Reports and you can access any statistics that WebLOAD saves during a test.

Nagios Integration is a new feature in WebLOAD 10.5 that was requested by RadView’s customers. You can collect statistics measurements from Nagios using the standard Performance Measurements Manager (PMM). This integration allows you to correlate any server information that Nagios is contributing to your test during your test analysis phase.

WebLOAD 10.5 add a new capability, Load Generator Resources Statistics. WebLOAD 10.5 collects the load generator resources statistics by default for both Windows and Linux. It collects the Load Generator Machine's free memory, CPU, and the CPU of the Load Generators processes. You can use these statistics in order to analyze your LG capacity.

David Buch, VP Product at RadView is excited about WebLOAD 10.5. “WebLOAD 10.5 allows performance engineers to take a deeper look under the hood of their system under load, and adds even more integrations with critical technologies.”

“WebLOAD 10.5 is a powerful performance testing solution. This new version will make load testing with WebLOAD even more thorough,” says Mr. Buch.

About RadView

RadView is a pioneer of web and mobile load testing solutions. Since 1993 the company has been offering WebLOAD, an enterprise-grade software for large-scale load testing, helping companies launch internet applications with confidence. Deployed at leading organizations, WebLOAD offers a best-value load and performance testing solution. Companies that already work successfully with WebLOAD include GoDaddy, eBay, Ebix Inc, ConocoPhilips, Ellucian, as well as other leading financial institutions, retail and manufacturing companies and universities. For more information, visit www.radview.com or call 1-888-RADVIEW.


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