The Yess Boxing & Barbell Club Announces Three Boxers Going Pro

DUMONT, NJ--(Marketwired - Dec 7, 2016) - Reaching the professional level is the end goal and pinnacle of nearly every aspiring athlete's career. This dream is now a reality for three boxers turning pro from The Yess Boxing & Barbell Club. Kevin "Hurricane" Hernandez, 23; Jade "Poison" Ivory, 25; and Gerald "Lil'Bomb" Javier, 30, are the first members of the Yess Boxing & Barbell Club to reach this level of professional excellence in their boxing careers. The boxers have worked together for the past 10 years to fully accomplish this goal. 

"When you come into our boxing gym you become family," said Joe Rossi, owner and coach of The Yess Boxing & Barbell Club. "When you're around people who are competing with you, you tend to raise the bar together."

Hernandez, of Bergenfield, New Jersey; Ivory, of Teaneck, New Jersey; and Javier, also of Bergenfield, experienced just that under the leadership at The Yess Boxing & Barbell Club and now have an unbeatable bond. Rossi has been a boxing coach for the last 15 years, but always had to share training space with other coaches. When Rossi started training Hernandez, Ivory and Javier seven years ago, he decided they needed a space of their own. This was the impetus that inspired Rossi to open The Yess Boxing Gym & Barbell Club. The three aspiring athletes began boxing at the same time and honed their skills together.

Rossi says he has had the dream of opening up his own boxing gym since he saw "Rocky IV" at the movie theater when he was just 6 years old. It wasn't until 2009 that Rossi was able to make his dream a reality. He is now seeing the fruits of his labor. He, along with Al Artola, Rossi's first coach and senior boxing coach at Yess Boxing, have now groomed three amateurs into professional boxers.

Hernandez, Ivory and Javier have traveled with the USA team and have had prestigious amateur careers. Each have won the New Jersey Golden Glove and New Jersey Diamond Glove, the highest honors an amateur boxer can win in the state.

"What has made our gym very popular in the small boxing community is that we're known as the real-life Rocky gym, but we're also known for freakish results in strength and conditioning," said Rossi, whose boxers are often lifting three times their body weight. "Gerald "Lil'Bomb" Javier, weighs 118 pounds and can squat 450 pounds. This is unheard of in the boxing world."

The Yess Boxing Gym & Barbell Club pushes athletes to their limits both physically and mentally, while forging friendships and champions. For more information about The Yess Boxing Gym & Barbell Club visit or follow them on Facebook at, on Twitter @YESS_BOXING or Instagram @rossisgym.

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The Yess Boxing & Barbell Club: the real-life Rocky gym