A Cat Hospital Offers Prescription Diet Cat Food from Blue Buffalo

Henderson, Nevada, UNITED STATES

HENDERSON, Nev., Dec. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pets owners need to be aware that prescription diet pet foods can improve the health of pets and reduce gastrointestinal distress, kidney problems, food intolerances, and more in feline friends. Many of these formulas from Blue Buffalo are grain free and cats also benefit from a unique blend of fruits, called LifeSource Bits®, which are included in all of the veterinary diets. These new cat foods by Blue Buffalo are helping cats feel better and enjoy mealtime more than ever. A Cat Hospital is proud to carry this line of foods offering cat patients the newest veterinary diets that address special health needs. 

There are four veterinary formulas of food available for cats requiring additional dietary attention. GI Gastrointestinal Support features natural, easily digestible ingredients and includes chicken, peas, potatoes, Omega 3 for inflammation, a balanced amount of prebiotic fibers, and patented LifeSource Bits® for the best GI health. This formula is recommended for inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, hairballs, colitis, plus other causes of GI upsets that cause diarrhea and constipation. 

KM Kidney and Motility Support is another formula that addresses the needs of older cats that have kidney problems plus some muscular weakness and arthritis. The unique blend contains no by-product meals, no grains, and no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. It includes L-carnitine to support healthy muscle condition.

WU is a new formula that combines weight management and urinary care. Many cats need to address both of these issues. This one formula helps offer the right amount of protein, fat, and minerals while maintaining proper pH and fluid saturation to prevent crystals from forming. 

HF is a hydrolyzed formula for food intolerance. This formulation is the latest in using a high-quality, novel protein, salmon, plus fatty acids and other oils to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. 

"Pet owners can now take advantage of conveniently pre-packaged formulas to support the special needs of their feline friends," said Dr. Trish Auge, owner of A Cat Hospital. "Meeting dietary needs helps provide needed nutrition and supports preventative care for cats susceptible to certain common conditions. Our staff is available to discuss the formula that would best suit your cat’s needs. Offering this line of special Blue Buffalo cat food allows us to better support the needs of our furry patients and concerned pet owners."

Dr. Trish Auge, Dr. Brian McAllister, and Dr. Heather Zamzow serve Henderson area cats and owners in and around Las Vegas. Cat owners can take their beloved friends to the first cats-only veterinary hospital in Nevada. Veterinary services include feline emergency care, preventative care, dental care, vaccinations, comprehensive exams, and feline surgery.

Call (702) 454-4400 to learn more about prescription veterinary cat food at A Cat Hospital or visit their website at http://www.acathospital.com/ more information.


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