ITSPmagazine Now an Official Media Sponsor for RSA Conference 2017

In celebration of its first birthday, ITSPmagazine is an official media sponsor for one of the industry's top cybersecurity conferences hosted by the world's largest provider of security events

Irvine, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2016) - ITSPmagazine (, the cybersecurity industry's boutique information security magazine focused on the intersection of IT security and society, announced their agreement with the RSA Conference (RSAC) team to be an official media sponsor of the RSA Conference in San Francisco in February 2017. Having launched the magazine during the 2016 conference, the team is thrilled to celebrate the magazine's first birthday as an official media sponsor this year.

"I cannot believe that ITSPmagazine is almost one year old," says Marco Ciappelli, ITSPmagazine's co-founder and creative director. "Even though the idea had been lurking in the depths of our souls for some time, it was at RSAC 2016 that ITSPmagazine was officially born. Returning to RSAC 2017 as an official media sponsor with an audience that pretty much doubles in size each month seems almost surreal. We're very excited!"

A Focus on Society
Leaving the gadgets and bits-and-bytes aspects of infosec to other industry publications, ITSPmagazine is passionate about covering the impact that IT security has on society -- and vice versa. At RSAC 2017, our team of journalists will explore this complex intersection via as many conference interviews, conversations, presentations and vendor pitches as humanly possible. You'll find us attending sessions, conversing in the expo halls, taking notes at RSAC Innovation Sandbox, and engaging with our fellow cybersecurity peers at some of the parties. You might even find us mingling at an Oasis. One thing is for certain, though: wherever we end up, we'll be on the lookout for the next big human-focused story.

"It's critical we all play our part in promoting awareness, continued education, and an equal respect in all we do in this industry," says Michelle Adams-Dixon, Director, RSA Conference Global Marketing. "It's refreshing to see ITSPmagazine focusing on these core attributes as they tell the infosec stories that have an impact on our society. We are thrilled to have them as an official media sponsor for the conference as they strive to share the stories our experts bring to the stage and expo halls."

Here's a sampling of some of the topics we intend to cover:

  • Social engineering and the human element of cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things / Internet of Everything / smart buildings / smart cities
  • Infosec career planning, professional development, training, and certifications
  • And, of course, diversity, equality, and humanity across all of the above

All ITSPmagazine's conference coverage will be captured on the RSA Conference 2017 coverage page here:

"We're looking forward to bringing our largest team of journalists ever to the Conference this year," says Sean Martin, CISSP, co-founder, and editor-in-chief at ITSPmagazine. "To celebrate our first birthday, we also have a few more things up our sleeves: a new column, some super-secret guest journalists, exciting partnerships that will make our Conference experience even more engaging, and a special business announcement -- all of which take us deeper into the intersection of IT security and society. Stay tuned!"

Building on Prior Column Successes
ITSPmagazine's success continues on the heels of two recent column launches: Equal Respect ( and The Academy ( Since its official launch, ITSPmagazine has published nearly 200 articles and chronicles from more than 80 contributors. Both of these recent columns promote bringing a more diverse range of people into the field of cybersecurity in order to fill the industry's cavernous job gap with much-needed talent.

"We're very proud to be focusing on the human aspect of information security while taking a stand for diversity, equality and education... and we're lucky to have many great professionals and companies in the infosec community that have joined forces, believe in us, and continue to support what we were doing," says Martin. "We do what we do for our readers and we couldn't do it without the support of our cyber friends."

"As Robert Frost beautifully said, when we started this adventure we took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference," adds Ciappelli. "Our journey has taken us to the intersection of IT security and society, and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

Staying Connected
Those interested in keeping abreast of what's happening at the intersection of ITSPmagazine and the RSA Conference can visit the RSA Conference coverage page at We are also taking interview requests via this page. Tap on the Request an Interview with Us button to submit your request.

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