ECO Sensors to launch SPARROW wearable air monitor at CES 2017

SPARROW wearable air monitor will be at the CES 2017 Booth 43974

NEWARK, CA--(Marketwired - December 29, 2016) - ECO Sensors is making it easy for consumers to protect themselves and their families from exposure to harmful air with the SPARROW wearable air monitor. SPARROW is a wearable environmental health and safety monitor that measures Carbon Monoxide (CO), along with temperature, pressure and relative humidity. Just like a home CO detector, the SPARROW has audible and visual alarms to alert you to life threatening situations, but it goes much further by alerting you about unhealthy pollutants everywhere you go via SPARROW App.

Carbon Monoxide a toxic gas you cannot see, smell, or taste can cause severe health problems and can be an indicator of indoor and outdoor pollutants. People are more likely to come in contact with CO where they live (in the city), where they work (first responders) or where they play (campfires, small planes and boats). Low level exposure to carbon monoxide over time is especially harmful to infants, children and pregnant women; the elderly; asthma, COPD & anemia sufferers; and even healthy adults when exercising. SPARROW partnered with OtterBox to make SPARROW portability easy and with Drayson Technologies to provide hyper-local air pollution data powered by CleanSpace™, and dynamic calibration by Sensyne™.

SPARROW is designed for the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System, the innovative system that allows for interchangeable accessories to slide directly onto the back of the phone case, making it easier to bring the SPARROW to protect you and your family wherever you go. It can also be attached to your clothes, bag, purse, stroller, bike, and even placed in your car.

SPARROW is launching its Indiegogo campaign at CES. They are offering up to a 25% discount on the first 500 units sold during CES. Go to to get your SPARROW.

Dr. Joseph Stetter, President of ECO Sensors explains: "SPARROW is our second generation wearable CO monitor but the first for the ECO Sensors industrial brand. We see a need for personal health and safety monitoring for consumers and not just workers. We are excited to be working with the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System because you are never without your smartphone and now never without protection from Carbon Monoxide exposure. Additionally, our partnership with Drayson Technologies makes SPARROW more powerful for our users with remote calibration using Sensyne and hyper-local pollution data from CleanSpace. We believe CES 2017 is the right time and place to let people know how easy it is to monitor the air you breathe."

Kyle Fanning, Sr. Manager, Product Innovation at Otter Products clarifies: "We developed the uniVERSE Case System to allow users to expand their phone's features. The uniVERSE case features a slotted rail under its removable accent plate, letting you securely attach and swap powerful modules without removing your case. We are excited about ECO Sensors joining the uniVERSE Case System because an Otter family friend died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. A module like SPARROW could have saved her life."

Lord Paul Drayson, Chairman and CEO of Drayson Technologies said: "We're delighted that SPARROW will be both powered by CleanSpace, enabling SPARROW users to access hyper-local air pollution data, and dynamically calibrated by Sensyne. This collaboration is testament to the successful worldwide deployment of the CleanSpace network, and the demand for Sensyne's state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities."

About ECO sensors:

Historically, ECO sensors has been the premier designer and supplier worldwide of low-cost ozone sensing instruments. These are used to monitor safety in the workplace and control industrial/commercial processes. Our instruments are simple, user-friendly and inexpensive.

Moving forward, ECO sensors is taking on a broader mission to protect human health and safety with wearable sensors. We are dedicated to providing environmental awareness that improves people's lives and the world around them.

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About Drayson Technologies:

Drayson Technologies is an internet of things (IoT) platform company headquartered in London, UK with offices in Mexico City and San Francisco. It has developed proprietary wireless charging technology and machine learning software to create smart sensor networks that generate actionable insights to improve people's lives and deliver value to business customers.

Drayson uses Sensyne™ machine-learning software and Freevolt™ enabled personal smart sensors to create hyper-local air pollution information that enables people to "see the air they breathe" and to help enterprises and municipalities implement projects that improve air quality.

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About CleanSpace:

CleanSpace is an IoT sensor network to monitor air pollution. CleanSpace Tags are mobile, personal air pollution sensors which pair with a user's CleanSpace App or a dedicated gateway to channel the readings to Drayson Technologies' cloud services. The individual's analysed Tag data is provided to the user through their CleanSpace App. The more people use CleanSpace, the more hyper-local air pollution becomes available. If the Tag use is under an enterprise program, aggregate and anonymised data is provided to the enterprise through an interactive, online dashboard. Anonymised Tag readings of air pollution and temperature will be incorporated into the AirMap available to individuals in their CleanSpace App and enterprises and governments through the CleanSpace API.

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