The Madison Square Garden Company Statement on Marie Claire Story Regarding the Rockettes

NEW YORK, Jan. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Madison Square Garden Company (NYSE:MSG) today made the following statement regarding the Marie Claire story regarding the Rockettes:

Marie Claire posted a story on its website this morning regarding a private meeting that was held last week. The story included comments made by various Rockettes that were included without their permission. When Marie Claire requested comment from MSG last night, we provided a full statement on the matter. Marie Claire chose to just use a small portion of what was provided. Following is the full statement in its entirety:

Statement from Barry Watkins, Chief Communications Officer for The Madison Square Garden Company:

“This is one person who continues to attempt to represent the entire team of Rockettes. This time it’s in a story that is the result of an unauthorized recording that violated the confidentiality of all of her sister Rockettes. While Mr. Dolan stands behind everything he said during the meeting, no one in that room believed they were speaking publicly. Everyone in the meeting had the chance to speak their mind in a safe setting, and many did. Her secret recording was deceitful and cowardly and has betrayed all of her fellow Rockettes. Posting this story is beneath the ethical standards of Hearst. We are deeply disappointed in their decision to post this story.”


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