Reveals Smart Guide to Travel Savings in 2017

Travel Experts Share 17 Ways to Save This Year

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 9, 2017) - The New Year brings new travel aspirations and money saving motivation. To help you manage both at the same time, the experts at, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, have compiled a list of 17 Ways to Save on Travel in 2017 filled with can't-fail tips and tricks to stretch your travel dollar farther in 2017. 

Starting with a currency check-up and moving through perfect planning, swap and save ideas and a round-up of other tips and tricks, Cheapflights' list is a cheat sheet you will want to clip and save for travel planning all year round. Below is a sampling of the insider tips that will help you go farther for less in 2017:

  • Fly by night (or in the early morning) - The time a flight departs can also impact the price you pay for it. Traveling at night (between 6 p.m. and midnight) or in the early morning (think first flight out) will save. A general tip to remember: fly when people would rather be sleeping. After all, families with small children aren't usually lining up to take a 4 a.m. or 11 p.m. flight. And, an added bonus for the early bird: the first flight out is the least likely to be impacted by delays.
  • Clear your cache to save some cash - Internet users should delete their browser history every time they search for flights. Prices can increase based on the number of times searchers revisit a particular website.
  • Compare all of your options: Don't assume going directly to the airline is the cheapest way to travel. Sometimes small travel agents use flight search sites to sell off packages and flights that people have canceled. Travel providers have more flexibility to offer discounts on flights + hotels or flights + rental cars or other packages since they're not sharing (and thus undercutting) the specific price of a room or a seat on the plane.
  • BYO - With shops and restaurants in airport departure terminals charging a premium, why not save some money by bringing your own food to eat onboard? Not only is it a sure-fire way to save money, it's likely to be healthier too. Try our in-flight food hacks for in-flight dining at its best.
  • Stay ahead of the sales - Sign up to airline and travel providers' travel deals newsletters and be sure to follow them on social media so you're ahead of the game when it comes to flight sales, discounts and special offers. Oftentimes, flash sales and travel deals will be announced there first.

Here are 12 more tips you can use to play and win the holiday booking game: embrace the strong dollar by choosing destinations accordingly; use ATMs overseas for the best exchange rates; double your vacation time by combining holidays and weekends; combine business trips and pleasure into bleisure trips; pick a type of trip rather than a destination; compare prices at nearby airports; travel mid week for cheaper fares; look for the best fares 50 days out from your travel; consider traveling on holidays for big savings; use travel apps to make planning and traveling go smoother; be smart about data usage on the road; and use a la carte pricing to pay for only the travel perks you want. For the entire lowdown on how to save significantly on travel throughout 2017, consult's 17 ways to save on travel in 2017 at

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