Esco Tool Tube Expander Extensions Easily Reach Around Obstructions

HOLLISTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 10, 2017) - Esco Tool has introduced a full line of tube expanders offered with universal pivoting extensions that easily attach to torque controlled rolling motors for hard to reach tube sheet.

Esco MILLHOG® Rolling Motors and Tube Expanders are air-powered and feature a torque control setting which stalls the tool when it reaches the desired tube expansion to create a uniform and tight mechanical seal. Featuring a wide selection of adapters and universal pivoting extensions, they let users easily reach around obstructions and roll hard to access boiler tubes.

Supplied as complete kits for straight-, flare-, long-reach, and beaded rolls, Esco MILLHOG® Rolling Motors and Tube Expanders are available with 90-, 190-, and 280 RPM motors that operate on standard shop air. Providing precise torque control from 25 to 325 ft.-lbs., they are easy to adjust and ideal for rolling tubes from 3/8" to 4-1/2" O.D.

Esco MILLHOG® Rolling Motors and Tube Expanders Kits are offered for sale from $4,695.00 up or for rent; with 24-hour shipment available.

About Esco Tool

For over 60 years, Esco Tool has worked closely with end-users on the toughest tube and pipe cutting and end prep applications in the power generation and metalworking industries. Their experience has allowed them to invent and manufacture high quality, torque-free end prep tools that work efficiently and require no special operator training.

The Esco product line features their robust line of MILLHOG® pipe milling end prep tools and Air-Powered Saws and specialty mount systems, High-Speed Hand-Held Bevelers, and accessories. Offered for sale or rent, with 24 hour shipment or less usually available, these field-proven tools are built tough and precision machined from the finest materials to make sure that you get your job done properly, on time, and under budget.

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Esco MILLHOG(R) Rolling Motors and Tube Expanders