Mantra Announces Participation in Canada-China CCUS Forum in Beijing and Shanghai

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - January 11, 2017) - Mantra Energy Alternatives, a subsidiary of Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (OTCQB: MVTG), has been invited to present at the Canada-China CCUS Forum and Mission in Beijing and Shanghai from January 10th to 12th, 2017. The purpose of the mission is to foster development relationships between Canada's leading carbon capture and utilization companies and Chinese government and industry leaders. Ultimately, its objective is to initiate commercial partnerships for the deployment of carbon capture and utilization technologies in China.

"This mission is intended to launch projects that will see technologies like Mantra's deployed in China, and we are very optimistic that we will be successful," said Mantra CEO Larry Kristof.

Mantra has long viewed China as its most important market, and with its technology patented there and the country's strong initiatives and rapid adoption of clean technologies, sees this forum and mission as the ideal launching point. Mantra's technologies will be presented by Dr. Piotr Forysinski to representatives from a variety of Chinese government organizations and industrial players. In addition to the forum in Beijing, Mantra will present at the Hua Neng Clean Energy Research Institute and the China University of Petroleum in Shanghai.

The Forum will be moderated by the Director of the Administrative Centre for China's Agenda 21, Zhang Jiu Tian, the body administering China's enormous efforts in sustainable development. In addition to the Forum and presentations, Mantra will engage in business-to-business meetings with the key players in the Chinese market and engage in site visits to research and industrial facilities.

The Forum is being organized by Natural Resources Canada in partnership with Global Affairs Canada's Trade Commissioner Service, and the Canada-China Business Council.

"Not only is China the country most actively adopting CO2 mitigating solutions, but it is also the world's largest market for the chemical products that Mantra can produce from CO2," continued Mr. Kristof. "We have already seen keen interest as a result, and we are extremely appreciative of the efforts of NRCan, the Trade Commissioner Service and the Business Council."

Mantra is a leading innovator and developer in carbon capture and utilization,holding several patents and technologies, which they seek to commercialize in the near future. Mantra's flagship ERC technology converts carbon emissions from industrial smoke stacks to produce high-value reusable clean chemicals, such as formate brine and syngas. Mantra intends to develop a working large scale proof-of-concept during 2017, which would ideally occur in China.

China is one of the hardest hit countries in the world from climate change, which stems from excessive carbon being emitted into the atmosphere (largely from the burning of fossil fuels). The climate change crisis is serious in China, affecting air quality and the health of the general population. In December 2016, several Chinese cities shut down CO2-emitting factories as a result of dangerous air quality concerns.

About Mantra Venture Group

Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (OTCQB: MVTG) is a clean technology incubator that takes innovative emerging technologies and moves them towards commercialization. The Company, through its subsidiary Mantra Energy Alternatives, is currently developing two groundbreaking electrochemical technologies designed to make reducing greenhouse gas emissions profitable, ERC (Electro-Reduction of Carbon Dioxide) and MRFC (Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell).

ERCis a form of "carbon capture and utilization" (CCU) that converts the polluting greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into useful, valuable products including formic acid and formate salts. By utilizing clean electricity, the process offers the potential for an industrial plant to reduce emissions while generating a saleable product and a profit.

The MRFC is an unconventional fuel cell that uses a mixture of fuel and oxidant, thereby greatly reducing the complexity and cost of the fuel cell system. The MRFC is cheaper, lighter, and more compact than conventional fuel cell technologies.

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