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TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Jan 11, 2017) - If travel planning and money saving are your things, then this "When to fly, when to buy" report from, the champions of simple travel search, is for you. Our team of travel experts have crunched 4.5 million flight searches to 20 of the most popular destinations for Canadian travellers. The goal? To find out when flights to these destinations are most affordable (and when they are not) as well as when the best airfares are likely to be available.

Looking across these 20 destinations, it's clear that there is no single "sweet spot" for booking a flight to get the best deal. The average "ideal" booking time ranged from 92 days in advance (for Cancun, Mexico) to 143 days ahead of time (for Vancouver). We spotted late deals windows where the best fares traditionally appear less than a week beforehand. And we found every destination had dates where you needed to book more than 170 days in advance to get the lowest price.

We put all of this data to work to create a travel timing guide for destinations from Miami to Las Vegas and Montreal to Calgary as well as farther flung spots such as Beijing and Bangkok.

Here's a sampling of the data we've compiled in our "When to fly, when to buy" report:

Toronto, Ontario:
On average:
Booking 138 days before your flight to Toronto will yield the most affordable ticket prices. That means planning to book a little less than 20 weeks, or roughly five months, before your flight.

Cheapest flights: For the cheapest travel to Toronto, plan ahead for early 2018.
When to fly: The last week of February
When to buy: Last week of September

Peak season: The week leading up to Christmas is the most expensive time to fly to Toronto. Aim to buy: Last week of June.

For summer travel, the priciest time is the week of Canada Day. Aim to buy: Third week of January.

London, United Kingdom
On average:
The most affordable deals can be found 118 days before a given travel date so plan to book less than 17 weeks, or a little more than four months, ahead of the date you plan to fly.

Cheapest flights: For the best flight deals to London, get an early jump on the summer travel season.
When to fly: The second week of May
When to buy: Mid-April

Peak season: The festive season is the most expensive time to fly to London, especially the week before Christmas. Aim to buy: Last week of August.

For summer travel, the priciest time is the last week of June and first week of July. Aim to buy: Mid-January.

New York, New York, United States
On average:
Booking your travel 141 days before your departure date will return the most affordable options, so plan to book around 20 weeks, or five months, before takeoff.

Cheapest flights: Advanced planners can score some extremely good flight prices to New York City. Airfares for much of January and February top the list for the most affordable of the year. Plan ahead for the very best deals.
When to fly: The second week of January
When to buy: The first week of August

Peak season: The two weeks leading up to New Year's Eve are the priciest time to fly to New York. Aim to buy: Mid-August

Orlando, Florida, United States
On average:
The best airfare deals can be found 104 days before your intended departure date, so start your flight search around 15 weeks, or about three and a half months, out.

Cheapest flights: Travel to Orlando is most affordable while school is still in session.
When to fly: The end of May into early June
When to buy: The third week of April

Peak season: Flights during the week between Christmas and New Year's are the most expensive, on average. Aim to buy: The third week of July.

As for spring break travel, prices also spike during the second week of March. Aim to buy: Near the end of November.

Cheapflights also has added details on these hot spots and 16 more destinations on many Canadian travellers' bucket lists: Manila, Philippines; Vancouver, British Columbia; Paris, France; Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.; Bangkok, Thailand; Calgary, Alberta; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.; Los Angeles, California, U.S.; Cancun, Mexico; Montreal, Quebec; Beijing, China; Miami, Florida, U.S.; San Francisco, California, U.S.; Edmonton, Alberta; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Varadero, Cuba. To find out more about how to time your travel and your bookings for these popular destinations, check out's "When to fly, when to buy" report.

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