Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar Opens in World Famous Napa Valley

Wine Country Goes Cat Crazy!

St. Helena, California, UNITED STATES

Napa, California, Jan. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first cage-free no-kill adoption center for cats, Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar, opens on Friday, January 27th in downtown Napa. Known for its stellar viticulture, top rated restaurants, and luxury resorts, the Napa Valley has added a must see destination point for animal lovers a property of Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR).

Fashioned after a contemporary townhouse complete with couches and a gift shop, Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar will house up to 15 felines at any one time. Guests are invited to visit, spend cuddle couch time and play with the cats. All of the cats at the center are looking for their forever homes.

Due to high overpopulation and the surrendered cat rate locally, the center exists first and foremost to serve the Napa Valley feline community. Ella’s mission is to provide a safe sanctuary for unwanted healthy cats in a cage-free environment and to find happy, loving forever homes for adoptable cats. Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar will also serve as an educational center for responsible pet guardianship and to extend the JARR mission to prevent overpopulation through spay and neuter.

The current cat residents have been rescued from various situations; JARR works closely with the Napa County Animal Shelter to take in any cats that are not doing well at the shelter, others are owner surrenders or whose owners have died.

“In response to the serious plight of cats in the United States, not only over-population but a belief that they are disposable, Ella’s CatHouse and Catnip Bar was founded in part to respond to the atrocious number of cat euthanasia’s, specifically in the Bay area of San Francisco, ” said JARR co-founder Monica Stevens, “Our hope is that cat adoption will far exceed euthanasias, and Ella’s will become an educational resource for the care of our feline friends.”

Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar is set to become a tourist attraction in the world renowned visitor region and will be offering regular events such as Meow Hour, Yoga Classes, and art shows.

The name “Ella’s CatHouse” captures the essence of JARR.  The center is named after a beloved and special rescue cat adored by an outstanding JARR volunteer, Vanessa Conlin, who has dedicated much of her time and energy to helping animals in the Napa Valley and beyond. As Auction Chair of JARR’s yearly world-class wine auction fundraiser, WineaPAWlooza, Conlin has been instrumental in building JARR and establishing the organization into the success it is today.

“Curt and I are so touched and honored to have Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar named after our sweet little friend.  She was a rescue herself—a feral kitten born on the neighbor’s porch—but she rescued everyone she met,” said Vanessa Conlin, “ She had an instinct for knowing when we were under the weather or having a hard time, and she would stay by our side.  She was truly beautiful, inside and out, and she would have been so proud that JARR chose her as the face of this adoption center for other kitties like her!”

The center is staffed by a small team of dedicated volunteers who daily feed, clean and spend time with the cats.

Ella’s CatHouse & Catnip Bar is a property of Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR), a 501c3 non-profit centered in the Napa Valley.  For more information on JARR visit www.jamesonanimalrescueranch.org.


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