SD3D Printing Closes Equity Financing Round

Dallas Investors Lead Financing Round for SD3D

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

Dallas, Jan. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SD3D, a leading automations technology company specializing in 3D printing solutions, announced that it has raised $100k in bridge funding.  The equity financing round was led and syndicated by TIG Investments, a venture capital group that specializes in early stage tech companies.  Angel investors joined the round, which was oversubscribed and closed in two weeks.

The investment will be used to expand operations in California and Texas, complete US and international patent applications, and support strategic growth initiatives in preparation for a seed round later this year.

“Closing this bridge round with primarily Dallas investors was a pivotal next step for the company,” said Bennett Berger, President of SD3D.  “We have experienced incredible growth in the past several months, and we are expanding beyond our San Diego facility to better meet the needs of our customers.  With a base of over 750 customers and our recent acquisition of Printelize, we look forward to another record setting year.”

Robert Brevelle, SD3D Board Member and Partner at TIG, announced the round and distributed terms to potential investors on 7 December.  By 20 December, the round was oversubscribed and closed.  

“SD3D is an attractive investment opportunity for many reasons, and investor interest is overwhelming,” said Robert Brevelle.  “SD3D’s strong leadership and technical teams, outstanding value proposition to customers and investors, and commitment to innovation in this rapidly growing industry are clearly reflected in the results of the round.  Besides the quick turn of two weeks and oversubscription, the round included 100% investor retention from the previous Friends and Family round.”

Angel investors include Dr. Madhu Rao, Ricky Tejapaibul, and Boian Spassov.

About SD3D

SD3D is an automations technology company specializing in creating 3D printing solutions for businesses. Founded June 2013 in San Diego, California, SD3D is developing an end to end automation platform to allow fully autonomous 3D manufacturing from design to doorstep. Utilizing their technology, SD3D offers customizable and innovative 3D manufacturing services as well as allowing businesses to reach the highest efficiency levels within their own facilities. For more information, visit SD3D’s website at


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