Oxygen Learning Launches Agility Selling Training Practice

Teaches Organizations How to More Effectively Recognize and Align Sales Teams with Customer Needs; Create and Sustain Training and Support Processes that Protect that Alignment

Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

SEATTLE, Feb. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oxygen Learning, a learning and development consulting and services company, has partnered with Agility Selling to teach organizations how to more effectively recognize and align sales teams with customer needs. The Agility Selling methodology supports sales executives, sales reps and sales trainers, enabling the creation of sustainable training and sales processes. Brian Lambert, Ph.D., Oxygen Learning’s Director of Consulting, along with Tim Ohai, President of Growth & Associates and recognized as a “Top 40 Sales Influencers on Twitter,” created Agility Selling together. Lambert and Ohai also co-wrote the books, “Sales Chaos: Using Agility Selling to Think and Sell Differently” and the soon to be released “The Power of Problems.”

Organizations need help in protecting the alignment between their sales team and the customer. This is the gateway to driving sustained revenue and productivity. With an often overwhelming amount of noise coming at individual sellers, it can be challenging to acquire the skills and competencies needed to attain success. The same dynamic holds true for organizations attempting to provide the proper training and skills for their sales force.

Agility Selling is not a traditional sales approach. It is a full methodology that audits and improves everything from simple, B2C interactions that require a more consultative approach up to complex, enterprise-level B2B strategic relationships — all focused on driving relevance into customer conversations. Through Agility Selling organizations learn how to:

  • INCREASE RELEVANCE TO BUYERS: Build-out of impactful, experiential, and reality-based sales team learning that embeds required skills to create and lead relevant sales conversations.
  • DECREASE NEW HIRE RAMP-UP TIME: Optimized new hire training programs through modular and tailored approaches that are in lock-step with ongoing, advanced sales training
  • ENABLE INSPIRED SALES KICKOFFS: Creation of innovative sales kickoff keynotes, breakout sessions, and learning experiences that inspire teams and launch genuine behavior change.

“Surprisingly many companies still struggle to understand the new buyer-driven economy, and organizations that find themselves in a sales rut typically have a root issue that no ‘waterfall’ or step-based sales methodology training will fix: they are focused on their products first and their customers second. As a result, they become irrelevant to their buyers,” says Lambert. “Agility Selling is tailored down to each individual on the team, from your sellers to your buyers. Agility Selling works backwards using an external focus on buyer conversations and data, compared to traditional sales training that work backwards from an internal focus, or the purchase point,” continued Lambert.

For more information on engaging with Oxygen Learning about Agility Selling, please call 206.629.6424, or click here for more information.

About Oxygen Learning
Oxygen Learning is a consulting and custom learning services company that helps companies align its most valued asset and resource—their people—with the key business strategies that drive business outcomes.  Oxygen Learning deploys a specific and  non-traditional approach collaboratively working with clients to design and implement ‘active learning journeys’ combined with powerful and relevant learning experiences that foster enablement outcomes across the client organization. Oxygen Learning uses proprietary methodologies, frameworks, and tools to help leaders link individual performance to business strategy, while helping employees maximize their productivity. For more information please visit www.oxygenlearning.com.


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